Industry leader SmartCoord takes transaction coordination services to the next level

January 28 00:00 2022
SmartCoord, through its game-changing transaction coordinator services, has led the way in empowering realtors and brokerages to save time while focusing on the most profitable aspects of their efforts.

Industry leader SmartCoord has redefined the way solo real estate agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokerages can save time and expedite processes via its game-changing transaction coordination services built on flexibility.

“Many realtors today do not use a Transaction Coordinator to help with their transactions. As a result, they normally spend a lot of time managing the transaction while also trying to prospect and grow their business,” a company representative said. 

In addition to this burgeoning problem, agents fail to spend adequate time prospecting for business and have to split their time. This commonly results in agents getting overwhelmed and eventually hinders their own growth.

“That’s where SmartCoord comes into the picture. It leads the way in providing transaction coordination services, giving agents back a lot more time to either achieve more life balance or scale their business even more,” the representative explained.

The innovative platform has ramped up efforts to take the burden off Teams and Brokerages, especially those hiring an in-house transaction coordinator that usually results in having to spend time and resources attempting to design a system for their coordinators. The burden swells as they also have to hire, train, and manage the transaction coordinators.

“The reality is that the risk of hiring the wrong person can be damaging for any business. It is even more detrimental to realtors and teams, who often do not have the resources to risk making a bad hire. SmartCoord provides services built to take away those worries,” the representative said.

SmartCoord does not only take the hurdle off, but it has also paved the way in delivering proven and cutting-edge systems and processes it has established. 

“This means Teams and Brokers need not worry in regard to managing aspects of a Transaction Coordinator or panic when that TC needs to take some time off,” the representative said.

SmartCoord assures its transaction coordinators stay on top of contingencies – from scheduling all inspections and appointments to tracking adherence of all contract deadlines and much more to alleviate common administrative burdens. 

In addition, its transaction coordinators review all documents to ensure accuracy. The professionals also obtain any missing signatures, initials, or documents to ensure compliance. They also communicate and collaborate with clients, vendors, and other involved parties to ensure a smooth transaction every time. 

SmartCoord makes sure coordinators have prior real estate experience as part of its hiring process. The team also has bilingual coordinators who are fluent in Spanish. 

Since the real estate market can be seasonal and tends to slow down during certain months of the year, SmartCoord provides a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model that gives clients the flexibility to decrease their overhead during business lulls. 

Those who want to learn more about SmartCoord and its entire list of services may visit the website for more information.

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