First On The Moon Builds Moon Plot NFTs for Sale

January 27 23:36 2022
This Cosmic Metaverse is located on the moon and unfolds like a story

First On The Moon has built the perfect metaverse for space enthusiasts – a world where you can buy and explore interactive moon plot NFTs. The story that the project is built on begins on the moon and will expand beyond known frontiers in space and time. The limited supply of moon plot NFTs will form the base layer of the cosmic metaverse.

First On The Moon is the brainchild of a group of developers who are determined to build an exciting metaverse that will unfold as a story. The developers of this metaverse plan build an exciting discovery like an ancient alien relic or a spaceship into the project to make the experience even more thrilling for their community members. Uncovering this discovery will help these community members to progress to new levels in the metaverse, discover new worlds and expand their knowledge.

“With this project, you can finally have a piece of the moon,” says First On The Moon co-founder Constantin Lazar. “The metaverse will have many features for our users, allowing them to build structures and cities on their plots. These plots can be populated and used as a place to explore the metaverse, interact with other community members play games, shop, watch movies and serials and vote on different contests such as musical or theatrical contests.”

The First On The Moon team has partnered with David from We Are All Astronauts to create the audio component of the metaverse. David has received acclaim for producing the sound effects and background music for the Alien series. His talents will contribute to making First On The Moon an even more fantastic experience for users. The First On The Moon team will also enrich the metaverse with many other NFTs containing aliens, satellites, astronauts, spaceships, cyborgs, and space guns.

Users will be able to custom-build their NFT plots, with options to add things such as alien jungles full of alien fauna to their NFTs. By adding unique cosmic features to their plots, they can attract other users to explore it, play, learn and have fun. First On The Moon’s native currency, $ORBIT, will function as the currency throughout the ecosystem, allowing users to purchase their moon plot NFTs. These NFTs are being minted on the BSC network to ensure easy flow with minimal gas fees.

This metaverse offers users an educational component, bringing people together to learn more about science and space as they explore the virtual world. With an upcoming NFT marketplace and additional development of the cosmic metaverse, this project will attract space enthusiasts, crypto investors, celebrities and sci-fi novel writers.

About First On The Moon

First On The Moon is the first cosmic metaverse of its kind, built on moon plot NFTs that users can customise with different features from space. The metaverse is based on a story that will unfold in front of investors, offering them a thrilling interactive experience in a world that allows them to discover new things and expand their knowledge.

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