How Soldier Apes Army Revolutionizes the Metaverse Gaming Realm

January 27 22:21 2022

January 27th, 2022 – Soldier Apes Army represents the confluence of blockchain innovation with an ambitious gaming roadmap. This is not your typical NFT project, instead, it has a bold gameplay plan. To achieve this goal, Soldier Apes Army wants to include the community from the start and provide a route for comments and recommendations concerning the game. In essence, the Apaverse should be conceived as a game created by and for the people who play it. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a 3D isometric gaming environment that is rotatable and zoomable. The visuals will be scalable, allowing gamers with less powerful computers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This project aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the P2E Metaverse, while fostering a united community sharing the same enthusiastic spirit.


Entering the APAVERSE

Overall, there are 10,025 Soldier Apes NFTs in the Soldier Apes Army, a private collection of digital collectables exclusive to the Soldier Apes. To construct each Soldier Ape, highly skilled artists overlay several pre-made features on the leading Soldier Ape figure to produce one-of-a-kind and meticulously crafted creature. The apes are kept as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and are hosted on IPFS.

Soldier Apes may compete against one another in arenas during the initial development stage to train themselves to combat intruders. The following phase in the development process will be to dispatch the trained Apes on missions to protect their planet, dubbed “Home of the Apes.” To construct each Soldier Ape, highly skilled artists overlay several pre-made features on the leading Soldier Ape figure to produce one-of-a-kind and meticulously crafted creature.

Within this complex world, 10 formidable generals emerge, and all of them are well-versed in the art of battle and willing to die for their cause, as they instilled confidence in the apes and led them into war. Once the 10,000 Soldier Apes have been sold out, the first owners of these very rare General Apes NFT’s will each receive a one-time payment of $10,000. Besides, the first owner of the 3-star Lieutenant General Ape NFT will also get a Mercedes-AMG G 63, allowing him to reach all of the bases fast.

Nevertheless, the game is meant to be played in an open world, and every section of the game world may be accessed at any time. On the other hand, some regions are more perilous than others since there are more powerful foes lurking in them. These are what are referred to as “war zones”. Players will come across stronger, and, above importantly, more adversaries will be present in this area. Hence, beginners will have a difficult time, and it is advised that they get early experience in safer realms.

RoadMap of All Solider Apes

Moving forward, All Soldier Apes pertains to a clear vision of the project’s steps to achieve its objectives. They will base the game around the Soldier Apes Army NFT collectables, and players will be able to utilize their Soldier Apes as characters in a unique gaming metaverse. Their objective is straightforward: to establish themselves as the premier Apes NFT PvP and P2E gaming environment on the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, second-market royalties will be devoted to a special Army fund to safeguard the long-term viability of the Soldier Apes Army via marketing initiatives. Afterwards, a special fund will be established to safeguard the long-term viability of the Soldier Apes Army via marketing efforts, with a portion of the “second-market royalties” going to this fund. When the community grows significantly, a Global Soldiers Event will be hosted to celebrate this major milestone.

Nonetheless, All Soldier Apes aim higher, with the purpose of eventually establishing an NFT market. On the Ethereum blockchain, they are constructing a decentralized NFT PvP and P2E game environment.

P2E – the paradigm shift in the virtual world

All Soldier Apes NFT owners will be granted unique access to their play-to-earn game, where they will be able to gather more NFT characters and assets required in the play-to-earn game “Home of the Apes” in the future. Players may acquire the $SAA token in various ways throughout the game, which can subsequently be traded for other currencies on major exchanges. The in-game marketplace, where any object may be exchanged, serves as the foundation.

There is now much more to gain from blockchain technology. The players own in-game assets obtained through hard effort and hours of playing; they may vote and make choices to better the gaming experience; they can even control a portion of the game by investing in its development. When used outside of the gaming environment, in-game coins may be valuable assets. P2E is a community-driven business model that provides equity to players, allowing them to earn while collaborating with creators to make critical contributions to the game’s overall development.

The P2E premise is quintessential to a burgeoning but multifaceted virtual world. Overall, the Metaverse is alive and well, and it provides users with a plethora of options, including interoperability and a decentralized economy. Transferring assets across games, winning tournaments, exchanging assets, and selling rare items for astronomical amounts are possibilities for a player.

Further Avenues with All Soldier Apes

All Soldier Apes will have the chance to earn tokens by defeating opponents in arena combat. As the Apes acquire experience, they will earn additional tokens during battle. Furthermore, there will always be in-game events where you may win uncommon stuff and tokens. 

It is possible to advance the leaderboard with the Soldier Ape by defeating opponents in arena combat. Afterwards, weekly awards in tokens are distributed to the top-ranked fighters. The champion is determined after each arena season, who receives a special award and retains the title until the conclusion of the next season. Along with winning fights, active time spent in the game earns points, which impacts the leaderboards. Active indicates that the Ape must be engaged in task completion or combat in the arenas. Calculations are made using just your Ape’s active time.

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