“Be the Author of Your Life” Is the Message of Emna Khechine’s New Book

January 27 21:48 2022
The author believes success is bringing out strengths from your vulnerabilities

It is not uncommon for those seeking success to find themselves faced with struggles that seem beyond their control. Readers of Journey to Success with Emna Khecine (available on Amazon), who are trekking on the same path, will find empathy, life lessons, and inspiration from this book. The author’s account of her fair share of struggles will help you see yours in a new light.

Emna Khechine is an interdisciplinary scientist based in Germany. She comes from Tunisia, the meeting point of several civilizations throughout history, which allows her to be open to all cultures and make friends with people of different nationalities. She is passionate about psychology and romance novels and has spent years reading books in four languages. She is dedicated to getting along with others, supporting them in their objectives, and finding the perfect solution for the people she cares about. “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam,” meaning “Either I will find a way, or I will make one,” has defined Emna’s life given all the obstacles she has faced. Regarding this, she says: “We should conquer life with a great deal of courage and determination. We should do whatever it takes. Otherwise, we will regret not having tried.”

Struggles are always part and parcel of the journey. They make the fruits of one’s success all the more sweet and desirable. Additionally, these struggles are not struggles in themselves but experiences that can be of great didactic value.

“We get frustrated because things don’t go the way we want. But behind these frustrations and difficulties are an abundance of blessings. We may not have the answer to “why?” at that moment, but we surely find out later when we realize the environment plans something better than we do. We can find meaning and learn from sickness, bankruptcy, toxic friendships, deception, and loss…” says Emna.

Journey to Success with Emna Khechine will take you on the tumultuous and painful yet fulfilling path trodden by Emna. Each part of her journey is bound to teach you many lessons you can use on your journey to success.

Emna’s courageous journey of fulfilling her childhood dreams is best explained in the words of her friend, Salma Heni: “‘When I grow up, I’m going to finish my studies in Germany and be a doctor.’ These were Emna’s words at the age of twelve. After so many ups and downs, laughs, and tears, she succeeded and overcame all life’s obstacles with her immense courage and wisdom. She always believed in a better tomorrow, and this made her a strong and courageous person. Behind this strength, there is a sensitivity and delicacy that allows her to express herself through touching and heartfelt stories. When I look at her today, I can only be proud of my best friend, and I continue to encourage her to go even further. I believe in her and her continued success in life.”

Jialuo Luo, a PhD student and research assistant in the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, speaks of Emna’s strength of character: “If I could compare Emna to a real symbol, water would definitely be the best option. She defines perfectly the power of a woman in a manner of being cordial, sensitive, and with perseverance. Females like Emna offer strong empathy, bringing gentle care to their surroundings and warming injured hearts. Life can sometimes taste bitter and harsh along the way but also sweet and adorable because of people like her.”

Learn to author your life with Journey to Success with Emna Khechine, now for sale on Amazon.

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