Danger Twins: Marilyn Monroe And Lisa Bree Hoggarth, The Reincarnation Of Marilyn Monroe Is The Highest Ranking Golden Ratio Holder In History.

January 27 19:24 2022

Ever wondered about reincarnation? Lisa Bree Hoggarth aka the only supermodel in the world has the answers and is slowly releasing them. Jesus’ Supermodel, Miss Hoggarth began an affinity with Marilyn Monroe in 2020 whilst on her hallway for her heroic performance to save fashion during the pandemic, @hallways_are_runways got plenty of Lisa singing happy birthday to “Mr. President”. Lisa also wrote on a photo of herself she shared, “this is the only face that could do justice next to Marilyn Monroe’s name.” Little did she know then, what she does now, only that she had a magical soul connection with Monroe.

Lisa scores 1.625% / 9.78% / 97.8% on the golden ratio, the highest ever recorded, which makes Bella Hadid the second most beautiful woman in the world. Bella Hadid has a score of 9.4% / 94%.

The Australian Supermodel is highly spiritual and interestingly enough, as was Marilyn Monroe aka Lisa Bree Hoggarth in a past life. Lisa’s had visions of her childhood as Marilyn and when she sees a photo of her prior self on Instagram she says to herself, “I remember that.” She’s dreamt she had Buddhist statues in her old Los Angeles home when she was Monroe and had a significant number of synchronicity in this current life, that aligns with the date of Marilyn’s birth and death.

Moreover, she was able to recall her sister Berniece Baker Miracle, https://www.instagram.com/lisahoggarthstyle/p/CY_7CMfPPNf/?utm_medium=copy_link.

A late bloomer to the model industry Lisa Bree Hoggarth has a work ethic that’s unbeatable, a generosity, a confidence which is both appealing and making plenty of people jealous, albeit she refuses to step down and instead delivers a display of light which is even brighter and more georgous than when she was Marilyn Monroe. She says she has many visions of fame again in this lifestyle and is considered a miracle because of the life she’s had, she endures and often says, “I’m still here.”

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