Entrepreneur Naesketchie Dazzles New York With The Most Successful Events Of 2021 Receiving A Phenomenal 2022.

January 27 19:09 2022
Entrepreneur Naesketchie Dazzles New York With The Most Successful Events Of 2021 Receiving A Phenomenal 2022.

Naesketchie a benchmark in the world of entertainment industry, raising Latinos in the United States.

Naesketchie, the businessman and artist also known as his real name Joel Molina is not only a visionary, he is also a man of many talents, including: Music Executive, Artist Manager, Business Owner and CEO of the Record Label “Sketchie Ent” himself who is leading the way with the trendiest music of the moment, owner of popular fashion “Mazco Original” and is also an investor in the stock market.

With more than 15 years in the entertainment industry, Naesketchie is considered a veteran who has spent his career planning New York’s biggest and most unforgettable social events. Naesketchie is one of the Latino characters who are already an example to follow, the Dominican-New Yorker is already a benchmark because his dedication and vision has led him to stand out and be one of the best in the industry.

Their first event after the Pandemic was on November 13 at the largest and most successful nightclub in uptown New York “Salsa Con Fuego”, which was a complete success with more than 1,500 people in attendance (SOLD OUT), with artists stars and the most important DJ’s in New York; among them the Colombian DJ Camilo, from the biggest hip hop station in New York – Hot 97, also attended Four additional DJ’s – the king of Guaracha DJ Pereira, DJ Kass, a great DJ who hit a song “Scooby do papa” worldwide .” Dj Delio A Dominican Dj representing the Urban culture with a voice different from the others and a unique talent, Dj Casper one of the youngest DJs sheared his future to be one of the greats today with his talent.

There are dozens of successful events already carried out by Naesketchie, such as the one on November 13, December 25 “Christmas Party” and December 31 “New Year’s Party”. again demonstrated the immensity of Naesketchie’s accomplishments in New York City nightlife.

Naesketchie not only celebrated his birthday in NYC, he also celebrated it in a big way in the city of Miami Beach, in two clubs known worldwide as “LIV” and also “BOOBY TRAP.”

We asked him how he has been able to achieve all his goals, and his answer was the following: “to do what I do is easy, to maintain it is difficult. It takes character, courage and dedication. Already when the foundation of the values ​​is built, everything that follows is very simple. Being different and treating everyone with respect is also super important.”

Naesketchie will continue to give us the best of him in this new year 2022. Naesketchie in this illustrative photo taken by “SFL OUTLOOK INC,” Steven Fonseca, a talented photographer who belongs to one of the most Elite restaurants in the Downtown area of ​​New York City; called “SEI LESS”. The restaurant has only been working and serving the New York community for a week and is already categorized as a phenomenon place.

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He will begin a new tour and series of events for this 2022, which will take place from end to end within the American territory and the Dominican Republic.

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