Discusses What to Consider When Comparing Webinars Platforms

January 27 16:51 2022 Discusses What to Consider When Comparing Webinars Platforms

Webinars serve many purposes. Companies use them to promote the business, generate new leads, and build their reputation. They do so by allowing the company to engage with the target audience using informative content of the highest quality. To achieve this goal, the company must select the right platform for the webinar. 

Ease of Use

Look for a program with an easy interface, one that is intuitive, functional, and simple. Take the audience members into consideration when comparing the options. A young audience wants a mobile-friendly platform while older generations lean toward platforms that are simple and don’t rely on plugins or add-ons. For more about what to consider in terms of ease of use, click reference here. 


Establish a budget before researching different platforms. Having a budget in place ensures the company doesn’t spend more than intended or end up with features they won’t use. Some platforms offer a free plan option, so check out The 5 Best Open-Source Webinar Software programs. 

Audio and Video Quality

Every participant needs to be able to see and hear everything clearly. If there is background noise, technical issues, or disconnections, they may become discouraged and leave the webinar. In the process, they could choose to work with a different company in the future and leave a bad review for the webinar host. 

Ensure the platform can accommodate the presentation to be shown to attendees. It must offer the correct dimensions and size when loaded on the screen. Each software comes with different options, so never assume that the presentation will appear the same across different platforms. 


Choose a platform that allows one to customize the branding content. Participants need to know who is responsible for the content being presented. Make certain the platform allows the audience to clearly see the brand so they will remember it. Companies find they can also brand their organization internally with the help of webinars, so don’t overlook this option. 


Some people may not be able to attend the webinar. Select a platform that allows one to record it, so they can watch it at a later date. Goldcast, for example, allows people to engage with a live video or watch a pre-recorded one. 


Companies must know whether their webinars are providing the desired results. Analytics provides this information. Look for more than a metric that determines the audience size. Find a program that allows one to see when audience members drop out of the event and things of that nature. This information becomes of help for future events. 


According to, webinars must be safe for attendees to take part. They don’t want their personal data compromised. Review the security of each platform being tested. 

Technical Support

When a problem arises, the webinar host must know where to turn for help. Choose a provider that offers various technical support channels, and use these channels before making a selection. This ensures one knows what to do if a problem arises during the event. 

Consider the above when choosing a webinar platform. Take into account reliability, features and functions, and the number of people who can take part in an event. When one finds a program that meets these criteria, one will be well on the way to hosting successful events regularly.

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