Explains How to Choose the Best Children’s Church Curriculum

January 27 16:45 2022 Explains How to Choose the Best Children's Church Curriculum

The key to choosing the best children’s church curriculum is knowing what questions to ask. This article will help focus on the most important factors to consider when choosing a new curriculum.

Theological Consistency

According to, it is important to choose a curriculum that gives an explanation of a church’s theological beliefs. This includes using materials with the same (or compatible) translation of the Bible that the church uses. It also might include checking to make sure the curriculum being considered is consistent with the specific church’s denomination.

The goal of every church is for its members to be growing in the same direction. So, choose a curriculum that is in line with the vision of the church, or at least won’t undermine it. Many denominations have curricula that are specific to their beliefs. This is a good place to begin looking. Examples of denominations that provide their curricula include Presbyterian USA, Southern Baptist, Reformed Church of America, and Lutheran ELCA. 

Unified Sunday School Curriculum

Many churches want all of their Sunday School classes to be learning the same thing at the same time, just at a different level. Churches like this model because it helps families grow together and talk about the same topic from different perspectives. Yes, Parents Have the Right to Shape Their Kids’ School Curriculum, and also their Sunday School Curriculum. Be sure to ask parents what their preference is when it comes to what is being taught in Sunday School.

Logistical Considerations

It’s important to have the space that is needed to use the curriculum. For example, if the lessons are filled with kinesthetic activities and large group portions, make sure to have a large room and not just a small portable to use. 

Another logistical concern is matching the size of classes. Some churches are very small and combine Sunday School classes of many ages. Other churches are quite large and break up each Sunday School class into one grade each. Some churches are large enough for a youth group with high school students. Make sure to find a curriculum that will work with the class groupings of students. 

Some curricula rely heavily on video and media components. This may mean that a TV is needed, and possibly a service such as Playlister. If a church chooses a technologically advanced curriculum, it is also necessary to have Sunday School volunteers who know how to use this technology.

A final logistical consideration is recognizing if there are special needs children in the congregation. If so, take the time to choose a curriculum that gives adaptations and modifications so all children can effectively learn God’s truths.

Most Popular Curricula 

1. First Look Preschool Curriculum

2. 252 Kids Children’s Curriculum

3. LifeWay Sunday School Curriculum

4. The Gospel Project Children’s Church Curriculum

5. Grow Curriculum

There are many options out there, and considering these key factors will help a church find the perfect fit for its congregation. Spend some time researching and asking the right questions before making such an important decision. 

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