Discusses Tips on How to Get into Business School

January 27 16:30 2022 Discusses Tips on How to Get into Business School

Everyone expects attending business school and obtaining an MBA to be challenging. What not all future graduate school students expect is how difficult it can be to get into a decent business school, to begin with. Applicants apply to leading schools from all over the world, which means that the competition tends to be intense. There’s no need to settle for a second-tier school, though. Instead, read on to find some tips for how to navigate the application process and get into a good business school.

Get Started Early

As with most things in life, it’s best to start the search for the right business school early. It’s not just about finding an MBA program that seems like a good fit but also includes coming up with an effective strategy for applying that will maximize the chances of success. It’s important to allow some extra time for potential setbacks and delays, and according to, applicants should begin the process 9 to 12 months in advance.

Focus on the GMAT

MBA program applicants should treat the GMAT as a cornerstone of their resumes. Most decent schools won’t consider candidates that did not score high enough to meet initial screening criteria, and there’s little sense in investigating MBA Ranking: Business School Culture, Curriculum & Careers if a candidate won’t even make it through the first steps. Most people study rigorously for their GMAT exams for at least three months and leave extra time to retake the test if necessary.

Consult a Professional

Anyone who is serious about attending a good business school should consider enlisting professional help. Companies like Fortuna Admissions offer help with everything from the application process to getting every aspect of an interview just right.

Keep Things Genuine

The people who make decisions about who to admit into an MBA program can tell when candidates are not being genuine. No matter how tempting it may be to craft an essay that seems like what the admissions officers want to read, it’s always better to tell a real story that has character and personality. Similarly, while there are certainly interview best practices that all applicants who reach this stage of the process should follow, it’s better to answer questions genuinely than to be overly guarded or to seem fake.

Don’t Submit Too Many Applications

Anyone who spends a sufficient amount of time researching MBA programs should be able to come up with a long list of schools that fit his or her criteria. While it’s a great idea to research as many programs as possible, it’s not smart to submit an application to every single one of them. Most current and former graduate students recommend applying to no more than 8 to 10 schools.

Get Started Now

Want to apply to business school in 2023? Now is the best time to get started. Candidates can go to website to learn more about how an admissions consultant can help clients succeed.

Instead of putting off research, essay writing, studying for the GMAT and hiring a consultant until the last minute, which will only create unnecessary stress, applicants who start preparing up to a year in advance will be able to complete each step on their own terms.

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