Singaporean Phytomedicinal Startup Releases Product for Menopausal Women

January 27 16:27 2022
Singaporean Phytomedicinal Startup Releases Product for Menopausal Women
Phytor Wellness-Menopause comes to market after more than 10 years of research and development by partner, Nanyang Technological University.

Singapore – 27th January, 2022 – “The Phytor Wellness range of products target hormonal and metabolic Imbalance – providing a critical boost to return you to feeling your best. Each of our formulations have been meticulously studied and carefully calibrated by researchers at NTU”, said Paul Defries, Phytor CEO and Founding Partner.

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Positive Customer Impact

Phytor Wellness Menopause works to relieve the symptoms associated with the physical and psychological changes that can result from the body approaching and entering its menopausal phase. The experience of transitioning from pre to post menopause varies considerably, but all too often it leaves a person struggling to feel their best and unable to enjoy life to the very full. Defries added, “since 2009 the NTU Herb garden has successfully treated many patients with the Wellness Menopause formula. Our Phytor Wellness-Menopause product delivers very real benefits including mood enhancement; significantly reduced hot flush and night sweats; relief of dry mouth syndrome and improved vaginal comfort.”

This Product is for Those Individuals

• Experiencing either peri-menopause or menopausal symptoms; • Suffering from anxiety, stress-induced health issues and disturbed sleep patterns; • Wanting to help protect themselves against common post-menopausal health challenges.

About Phytor

Paul Defries explained, “Our mission is to help people win the fight against chronic disease. Our goal is to prevent or cure with our powerful phytomedicinals, to help our customers live better every day. In partnership with NTU, we create natural medicines using rigorous science to bring them unique, proprietary formulations which are manufactured to exacting Singaporean standards”.

Wellness Menopause Availability

Wellness Menopause is available for purchase at, or at the Phytor pop-up store in Raffles City mall. Singapore citizens who hold either a CHAS card, Merdeka or Pioneer generation cards will receive a discount. Every Phytor product carries a 30-day satisfaction/money-back guarantee. Phytor is the exclusive brand of Straits Biopharma Pte Ltd.

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