Breaks Down Pallet Shipping Rates and Benefits

January 27 01:12 2022 Breaks Down Pallet Shipping Rates and Benefits

Commercial manufacturers and shippers today often rely on shipping pallets to move their goods. These pallets come in many materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Furthermore, they often come in a predetermined size. 

Shipping with pallets simplified the process, as each pallet holds a specific number of units. The buyer purchases a pallet and knows exactly how many items they will get, as opposed to purchasing each item individually. However, buyers and shippers aren’t the only ones who benefit from pallet shipping. Manufacturers, sellers, and trucking companies often find this option simplifies their operations. 

What are some benefits associated with pallet shipping? Individuals can check out here to find more information on these benefits. However, the following items serve as a basic outline of why many companies select this option today. 

Ease of Transport

Palletized shipments offer portability. A pallet makes it easy to move multiple items rapidly rather than trying to move individual items. Information found in the article “TOP REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE OFFERING EXPEDITED SHIPPING TO YOUR CLIENTS,” expediting orders can increase shipping fees, but when combined with the faster transport of pallet shipping the cost is usually justified. According to, warehouses and shippers find it easier to track items when they are stacked on pallets, and goods sustain less damage during the transport process, as the pallet arrangement helps to protect them. Furthermore, the items receive less handling as the pallets are loaded and unloaded at various points of the shipping process. The pallets require less labor and there is less risk involved when this option is selected. As a result, companies find they can move their goods faster and use fewer resources to accomplish this goal. 


Companies find they can ship heavier goods when they choose to do so using pallets. The goods arrive on a base of wood, plastic, or metal instead of being wrapped in plastic or cardboard. Furthermore, the goods remain free of dirt, water, and debris. Businesses use pallets to transport fresh produce so it doesn’t spoil. The pallet allows for drainage and air circulation, unlike regular shipping containers. 


Pallets use less space during the shipping process, which means more items can be transported in a single load. The uniform shape of the pallets allows them to be stacked, and one person can transport lightweight pallets. Firms such as CSA Transportation are able to load trucks more efficiently. The weight of these pallets adds little to the shipping total. This helps to keep shipping costs down. 


People worry about their impact on the planets and companies do as well. They love using pallets to ship items, particularly those made from metal or plastic, as they can be reused, recycled, and repaired. The same holds for wooden pallets. Recycle metal pallets by having them recast or melted down. Often, recycling plants collect scrap and use it for other purposes. Wooden pallets, when they are no longer useful for shipping, can be disassembled and the wood used for other projects. 

Work with a reputable pallet shipping company to improve one’s operations. Companies that do so find they see benefits other than those mentioned above. Pallet shipping makes sense for a variety of reasons, so every company should learn more about this option today. 

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