Majestic Owl Announces Launch of NFT That Will Disrupt The Way NFT’s Are Seen, An NFT That Brings Real Rewards Back From The Metaverse To Their Holders On A Monthly Basis

January 26 23:33 2022
Majestic Owl Announces Launch of NFT That Will Disrupt The Way NFT’s Are Seen, An NFT That Brings Real Rewards Back From The Metaverse To Their Holders On A Monthly Basis
As the NFT market heats up, Majestic Owl has launched a completely unique NFT that not only has the potential to appreciate in value quickly, but also offers a real utility to its holders as well as rewards. Instead of purchasing “sleeping” NFT’s, Majestic Owl wakes up once per month to search for rewards for its owner.

Belgium – Jan 26th, 2022 – A Majestic Owl NFT Is not just an image that lays dormant in the holder’s wallet. Additionally, the Majestic Owl project participates actively in ecological improvement it is so that an owl never comes back empty handed, if the holder however didn’t receive anything, their owl will give back to the earth by planting a seed in the Metaverse. Each NFT, known as a Majestic Owl, goes on a journey and flies through the Metaverse once per month on a mission to find rewards for its owner. It can come back with a wide range of things, from cash prizes, NFT’s from this project, NFT’s from another project, to even real-life merchandise like designer shoes or clothing. If for some reason the owners’ Owl comes back empty handed, the owl will offer a price or a tree will be planted in the earth to help with conservation efforts worldwide.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Majestic Owl was quoted as saying, “The goal of this project is to give real utility to NFTs. Instead of spending your money on an NFT that will do nothing for you, the Majestic Owl NFT’s actually serve a real purpose. NFT holders stand the chance to get real rewards and even earn a passive income with this project, there are not many other NFT projects that can say that. We want to make sure our NFT holders get something out of owning, and more importantly, holding the NFT for as long as possible.”

He went on to say, “Detail by detail, we’ve tried to deliver a realistic, yet artistic design for every unique owl. We are working with an extremely talented designer that is proudly putting his art in work for the project. Every single design is the product of hours of work to make you live the best experience with your owl. Our goal is for every single member of the community to feel proud of carrying and representing these designs everywhere.”

Depending on the rarity of the NFT, the frequency and amount of the rewards will increase. Majestic Owl is one of the few projects that has spent over 323 hours designing their rare collection of 4,444 NFTs. They have partnered with the “save our planet” initiative to reduce the carbon footprint here on Earth by going on the Polygon platform which reduces this by a big bunch, also, with the community in mind because on polygon the gas fees are pretty much nonexistent. This is great news for all minters.

This project is said to be created BY THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE COMMUNITY each and every minter is guaranteed to see profit and to be highly satisfied with his purchase.

To learn more about the Majestic Owl NFT visit their Discord Server at

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