Dee Marcus: From Ghost Producer To A Hollywood Composer

January 26 22:36 2022

Marko Prodanovic, known as Dee Marcus, has been interested in music since the age of fourteen, and today he is telling us about his beginning and how he switched from electronic music to orchestral music for film and trailers.

Before we start talking about your current work, tell us something about your beginning and what it looked like?

Well, music was not my first choice, I first started to be interested in graphic design, but somehow It turned out that music is what keeps me interested and graphic design was only a hobby.

Started like most, as a DJ, playing music in local clubs and bars. But very quickly I lost interest in that, as I always wanted to make my own sound. I remember, 10 years ago, that Internet connection was very slow at my home, and the online music materials were very limited, so, therefore, the process of learning was more difficult.

And of course, everything sounded awful in the first year!

You mentioned that you have been working for a long time as a “Ghost Producer”. Can you explain this concept and how did it come to this? Would you advise young musicians to go that way?

Ghost producer writes music for others, basically selling rights for his own work. In most cases, it’s an agreement where you give 100% of copyrights. I quite accidentally came up with the idea to start with that, but I can say I had a lot of luck with the first job. I got it only a few hours from the moment I applied for it. In past years I definitely thought I was doing a great thing, but now, after 7 years of working as a ghost producer, I am aware that I have quite neglected my production, and that way it’s very difficult to stay on the music scene. The other bad thing is, if you have a great song and it becomes a worldwide hit, you don’t have any extra benefit from that. If I had to choose again, I would probably make a better balance between producing for others and for myself, and that is my advice for younger colleagues.

Can you reveal to us the names you worked for? Have you ever had second thoughts after you sold a song?

I can’t reveal identity because that is a part of the deal. Those people are mostly very talented DJs with a lack of time, due to their all-time performances. Given that the music industry has changed a lot, everyone is aware that they have to keep up with the trend and constantly release new songs. We’re just helping them there. The second question is very interesting, I had a couple of times the situation to see “my” song on the top 100 lists, and also a couple of them reached millions of views on YouTube. I certainly had thoughts about what would happen if my name was there.

After all of these genres, how did you start with orchestral music as well?

Well, I don’t have a simple explanation for this, although I thought of it myself several times. Basically, when I improve some skill, I like to get into something new. Film music, and orchestral music in general, is something that is definitely the most challenging for composers.

I spent a lot of time working on myself, and I think that it will be worth it. I was very lucky that I didn’t have to go step by step in this area, as I got a chance to join an incredible Hollywood agency that provides music for trailers. Their portfolio is impressive! I don’t think you can find a newer movie that hasn’t used their music for at least 1 trailer.

Can you name a few Trailers you provided music for?

I would love if I could tell you about my last project because it’s WB AAA title and I can’t wait to share that with You!

Till now, I provided music for brands like Apple TV, Universal, RLJE Films, and some more.

Maybe most interesting was working for Apple TV documentary called “Watch the sound’’, especially as I very much admire to Mark Ronson’s work.

Other than that I am very proud that my music is used in Boss Baby 2 campaign.

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