Coinbetter walks through the trend of the crypto industry in 2022

January 26 16:42 2022

In 2021, BTC soared all the way to a peak of $69,000. DeFi will grow into an industry with a market value of over $100 billion, and innovative public chains represented by Solana, Near, and Avax will grow on a large scale. The sales of NFTs exceeded 22 billion US dollars; public figures such as Musk, MicroStategy and other institutions continue to “carry” crypto assets on social media, and mainstream institutions have paid unprecedented attention to the cryptocurrency field. Entering 2022, the crypto industry will see huge waves in the following three sectors.


Recently, with the entry of world-class superstars such as Jay Chou into NFT, the NFT market has rapidly heated up in January. The Indonesian college student released a selfie avatar NFT, the income of tens of millions of dollars in one fell swoop has brought the popularity of NFT to an all-time high. The character spirit is deeply loved by the community. The key to successful Meme lies in differentiated consensus, which also reflects the superior group effect and user stickiness inherent in the NFT market. Looking at the essence through the popular NFT avatar, everyone spends energy and time to pay attention to the essence of a thing, and even the frequency of such events and characters has not changed, but the carrier has changed, and the Internet is based on IP traffic. Realization, in the field of blockchain, asset transaction realization based on NFT trading platform. NFT is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends in 2021. Within three months, the trading volume of crypto assets on OpenSea platform has soared from $1 billion to more than $10 billion, fully proving the potential of the NFT market. Projects like NBA-Top-Shot and Bored Ape Yacht Club have brought NFTs into pop culture, and they have become one of the top search terms on Google this year.

We need to note that the market value of physical art is still as high as 1.7 trillion US dollars, which means that the development of the NFT market has just begun. However, with the growing popularity of digital artworks and the gradual tokenization of physical art, along with the improvement of verifiability and market liquidity, the NFT market will continue to flourish in 2022. In addition to the traditional image form

of NFT, game NFT has also appeared one after another. According to DappRader data, there are more than 1,200 existing chain games, not including unreleased games. The upcoming illuvium plus the entry of some traditional game developers will attract users through game quality. Those who have watched the illuvium trailer should feel that as far as the difference from existing chain games, games must be fun to generate revenue. Existing games are only hype tools to a certain extent, and are destined to be unsustainable. This trend of elimination may be like the elimination of web games for PC games.


DAO is also one of the popular sectors in the crypto field in 2021. In terms of commercial implementation, companies such as Coinbase and ShapeShift have all changed their internal structures in the form of DAOs. With the popularity of DAO trend and the continuation of the new crown epidemic, more companies will use DAO to govern, break the original internal business structure, and practice the DAO concept to themselves.

From the perspective of DAO ecological development, there are protocol DAOs in which crypto protocols give users voting rights, investment/collection DAOs that allow members to pool funds to invest in specific assets, social DAOs that organize value communities around tokens, and services similar to online talent intermediaries DAO, etc.

Given their outstanding achievements in their respective fields, it is expected that in the future, DAOs will become mainstream tools for online organizing and collective actions, allowing people around the world to actively participate in causes they care about. While the number of DAOs continues to grow, people continue to optimize DAO tools, operations, and introductory tutorials. In particular, encrypted wallets, as the entrance of social interaction, collaboration and transactions in DAO, will definitely become a necessary tool for DAO in the future, and account privatization is the fundamental requirement of DAO development. The functions and roles carried by the wallet will become more and more important and will play a very important role in the DAO. There is reason to believe that 2022 will see more projects dedicated to building DAO tools and infrastructure.


In addition to NFT/Gamefi and DAO, the Web3.0 sector is also a sector worthy of attention in 2022. Web 3.0 covers identity, data management, ownership, monetization and storage, as well as community-owned and operated organizations powered by blockchain technology. One of the main trends in Web 3.0 investment is the development of projects for decentralized social networks.

Decentralized social networks can reshape the incentives and monetization of centralized platforms because they can be decentralized protocols rather than centralized companies subject to censorship or customer complaints. Instead, content creators will be able to interact directly with their audiences on these networks in a peer-to-peer fashion, rather than through third parties. Among the social networks, the largest funding round included social media platform DeSo, which raised a total of $200 million. Other content and social media open protocols funded include RSS3, social and Torum. Similar to social networks, other streaming-enabled protocols like Ethereum-based streaming platform Livepeer raised $20 million in funding led by DigitalCurrencyGroup in the third quarter. In addition to social networking, other areas of focus include decentralized file storage and the Internet of Things. On December 9th, US time, the House Committee on Financial Services (House Committee on Financial Services) held a hearing on “The Future of Digital Assets and Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of Financial Innovation in the United States” on Capitol Hill. This is the most active, constructive, and bipartisan Democratic-Republican hearing on crypto finance in the U.S. House of Representatives ever. For the first time, U.S. congressmen used the platform of the committee plenary hearing to emphasize that Web 3.0 is the future of the Internet. It is surprising to increase the importance of cryptocurrency to the same level as the Internet. Web 3.0 will become a turning point in the history of encrypted finance. It is conceivable that it is known that in 2022, Web 3.0 will set off a huge wave in the encryption industry.

The development of the crypto industry is fast-paced, and valuable innovative products are emerging one after another. Grasping the precise layout of potential hot tracks is a hard-core condition for investment to generate high returns. Coinbetter will focus on the three sectors of NFT/Gamefi, DAO, and Web3.0 in 2022, and help outstanding projects in the fields of NFT/Gamefi, DAO, and Web3.0 grow through a series of measures such as the Coinbetter Investment Fund. The infrastructure of the sector, support and incubate high-quality value projects, and at the same time add sufficient liquidity to existing hot projects. In addition, relying on Coinbetter’s resource advantages in the international market, it actively connects resources from various countries to empower the project. A better coin makes a better you, Coinbetter joins hands with you to spend the 2022 crypto harvest year. If you have any thoughts and questions about the three sectors of NFT/Gamefi, DAO, and Web3.0, please contact us.

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