Canadian Drug Rehab Breaks down Addiction Treatment Service Costs

January 26 15:18 2022

An upcoming report by 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre details the costs associated with addiction treatment. This is a way of erasing the misconception that treatment is extremely expensive and beyond the reach of patients who need it. Addicts sometimes find themselves in a position where they need treatment but cannot afford it. Most people in this category are inpatients whose conditions are severe enough to warrant long-term intensive treatment and follow-up.

Generally, inpatient addiction treatment requires hospital admission, full-time supervision by health professionals, therapy sessions, medication treatment, meals and other related modalities. These core service areas are the main financial drains that deter many sufferers from hopping on the path to recovery. According to a spokesman for the drug rehab, “Addicts who can’t afford treatment try to work through their addictions on their own. But then, it isn’t a risky option that could lead to mental and bodily harm or cause the addiction to intensify.”

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Many factors go into determining what it ultimately costs. For example, the level of care and treatment needed differs from patient to patient. In addition, location matters, the spokesman noted. An addict who cannot afford treatment may be able to receive it through federal, provincial, or private funding programs.

Patients who undergo the provincial healthcare program wouldn’t have to pay a dime as the Canadian government caters to the fee. However, there are downsides that can’t be ignored, including:

  • Long wait times
  • Premature release before full recovery
  • Non-personalized treatment approach
  • Risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms before treatment, and many more

These factors are why not every treatment centre is the same. For one thing, the number of treatment options and the quality of service offered are two key factors in the decision-making process. They take into account the length of treatment, safety, and ease of access.

Private addiction rehab centres bridge the existing gap within government-funded institutions. They cater to patients who can afford to pay for the treatment out of pocket. The quality of service is comparable to that provided by provincial health programs. Some private recovery centres even go the extra mile by offering aftercare programs.

The typical treatment cost per day is $300, which includes 24-hour care and assistance, lodging, therapy sessions, recreational facilities, food, comprehensive aftercare support, and other services. Not every patient may afford it, however. This is why a number of rehab and addiction treatment centres offer flexible payment plans to ensure the treatment is affordable.

Patients get immediate and tailored access to detox, therapy, group counselling, medicine, and aftercare support, which helps them concentrate on their sobriety objectives and recover quickly. In addition to out-of-pocket and flexible payment options, patients can source funds from friends and families, social assistance programs, and even employee assistance programs.

About 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre

The luxury drug rehab offers unbiased information on addiction treatment programs, resources, and support services. Its facility, 1000 Islands Rehab, is an inpatient facility with a team of addiction specialists on staff to care for patients’ unique needs. Patients are provided with a comprehensive approach that ensures maximum recovery with minimal stress. Among the addiction treatments offered are heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction, and methamphetamine addiction.

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