Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan – More than a Successful Gynecologist

January 26 19:42 2022
Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan is one of the greatest Gynecologist in Turkey.


January 26th, 2022 – In her early career stages, Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan worked at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cologne University in Germany. Working with experts in different disciplines abroad, she gained the habit of looking at cases from multiple perspectives as well as learning new techniques. After her unique experiences there, she went to the USA and continued her studies in various fields at Wayne State University in Detroit. During her residency, she participated in research on the effects of VEGF molecules on IVF success in infertile patients and the Comparison of Follicular Fluid VEGF concentrations in patients with endometriosis. With the experiences she gained abroad, Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan returned to Turkey and received her Gynecology and Obstetrics specialization diploma from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty in 2005, After working as a “Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist” in a private clinic, and on top of her domestic and international experiences, she established her clinic in 2006.

“I believe, as both a mother and as a woman, that my fellows should take steps by thinking about their health and happiness in every decision they make regarding their bodies,” says Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan. With this philosophy, she breaks the long-standing taboos on gynecology and genital area aesthetics one by one, and by raising awareness of her patients on all aspects of her expertise, she is becoming a pioneer in these matters. 

Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan’s official website has tons of useful content. As she continuously writes blogs and posts videos to answer dozens of questions that arise in the minds of her patients every day to relieve their fears, in addition to treatment procedures, and to encourage them with her endless energy by listening carefully. She provides her patients with routine controls in her clinic in NiSantaSI…


Dr. Burcu Kardas Arslan was born on 09/03/1974 in Malatya. She completed primary and secondary school in Malatya and EskiSehir, then graduated from the Wish Foundation Florya Bilge Kaan College in 1992. After graduating from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine in 1998, she started her specialization in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Cologne in Germany. She completed her residency in 2005 by getting her Gynecology and Obstetrics specialization diploma from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty.

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