Creative Biostructure Enables Drug Discovery Research with Up-to-date Technologies

January 26 19:33 2022
Creative Biostructure now applies its expertise to the drug discovery process and has established several platforms for structure accelerated drug discovery.

New York, USA – January 26, 2022 – Creative Biostructure, a biotech company specialized in providing cost-effective contract services related to structural biology and membrane protein technologies, now applies its expertise to the drug discovery process and has established several platforms for structure accelerated drug discovery.

With the mission to accelerate the preclinical development of innovative drugs through structural insight, Creative Biostructure established the brand Creative Biostructure Drug Discovery and launched featured solutions and products that cover the full rage needs for early-stage drug discovery, including: MagHelix™ Gene-to-Protein and Gene-to-Structure, Hit Identification, Hit to Lead, Lead Optimization and Preclinical Development, and Natural Product Identification and Production.

Various technology platforms are also available at Creative Biostructure Drug Discovery, including Target-based Structural Biology Platform, Computer-aided Drug Design (CADD) Platform, Fragment-based Drug Design (FBDD) Platform, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Drug Discovery Platform and MagHelix™ Zebrafish Screening Platform.

Some featured and popular services and products are listed below:

MagHelix™ CADD Platform

The company’s comprehensive solutions for new drug discovery based on the MagHelix™ CADD Platform have various computer applications. The CADD platform supports virtual screening of active compounds, structure optimization of lead, and computer-aided ADME/T prediction in drug development.

Lead Discovery and Optimization

Creative Biostructure performs comprehensive lead discovery and optimization solutions including library construction, library screening (in silico, in vitro and in vivo), hit-to-lead optimization and preclinical evaluation, etc.

MagHelix™ Zebrafish Screening Platform

Creative Biostructure’s MagHelix™ Zebrafish Screening Platform is designed to evaluate the activity and toxicity of compounds for drug development.

MagHelix™ Structural Biology and SBDD Platform

MagHelix™ Structural Biology and SBDD Platform provides a wide range of solutions for customers with drug discovery requirements worldwide, including but not limited to target structure preparation, ligand library design and preparation, molecular docking and scoring functions, etc.

“We hope to work with scientists from biotech and pharmaceutical industries to effectively shorten the time required for drug discovery and facilitate the development of innovative therapeutics.” Commented Joanna, the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure.

For more information on the latest solutions from Creative Biostructure Drug Discovery, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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