Hydroxyapatite for Toothpaste and Food Additives Now Available at Matexcel

January 26 19:27 2022
Matexcel now offers Hydroxyapatite for Toothpaste and Food Additives.

New York, USA – January 26, 2022 – Matexcel, a leading service provider in material science, with the commitment to providing better material products for customers worldwide, now offers Hydroxyapatite for Toothpaste and Food Additives.

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a calcium phosphate that is morphologically and compositionally similar to human hard tissue. Hap is a major inorganic component of human and animal bones. It can achieve chemical bonding with human tissue at the interface. HAp has a certain solubility in the body, can release harmless ions into the body, participate in metabolism, stimulate or induce hyperosteogeny, and can promote the recovery of the defect tissue.

HAp is also a major component of teeth. 65% of human bones, 70% of dentin, and 95% of enamel are HAp. The content of HAp reaches 20% of human body. HAp is also a rich source of easily digestible calcium phosphate and can be used as a dietary supplement and food additive. Nano-HAp (nano-HAp) has attracted interest as a biomaterial for prosthetic applications due to its similarity to human hard tissues in terms of size, crystallography and chemical composition.

Supported by years’ experience, Matexcel has launched Hap products that can be used as additive for toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, probiotic chewable tablets, and so on. According to its official speaker, the company has prepared a trial pack of 20g for its customers.

An example of Matexcel’s Hap products is listed below:

Cat. No.: CER-0001

Product Name: Hydroxyapatite (HAp) (acicular) Powders

Particle Size: 60 nm

Purity: 0.96

Application: Food and toothpaste additive

Based on the information on its official website Matexcel.com, Matexcel provides Hap in different dimensions from nano to micro sizes, as well as different grades such as research, medical and food grades.

To know more information about Hydroxyapatite and Matexcel’s products, please visit https://www.matexcel.com/resource/hydroxyapatite-for-toothpaste-and-food-additives.

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