BTSEX innovative digital asset exchange gives investors an opportunity to create high-quality digital asset investment

January 26 15:51 2022


As the most advanced and innovative digital asset exchange serving global professional trading users, BTSEX is committed to providing global customers with opportunities to discover and create high-quality digital asset investments. Currently, it provides almost all digital asset trading and investment services in the market today. In order to realize the latest decentralized technology to strengthen global competitiveness and influence, BTSEX has invested heavily in the introduction of a large number of international talents, deployed globally, and formed a professional team from the world’s technology pyramid. Provide high-quality services to high-level users. There are independent trading business and operation centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. BTSEX is in a leading position in the world in terms of contracts, currency trading, options financial management, and coin grabbing subscription system.


BTSEX has huge advantages. It is the world’s first stablecoin trading center. It has built a strong stablecoin ecological environment, a complete structure consisting of stablecoin transactions, payments and remittances. It has become an integral part of the global high-quality stablecoin club. Using the latest decentralized technology, all individuals in the exchange can directly build a trading market on the blockchain. Users can not only control their own private keys, but also account funds, and the security is more guaranteed.

At the same time, BTSEX can also ensure that funds will not flow viciously in currency transactions, and adopts the most cutting-edge Ledger Vault to protect the endpoint security of digital currency. The Ledger Vault platform provides up to 150 million US dollars for third-party theft, insider collusion and master seed theft. insurance. More than 98% of the digital currencies stored on BTSEX are stored in multi-signature cold wallets. Only when the customer needs to withdraw funds from the account, the funds flow into the account. According to the record characteristics of most nodes, the corresponding addresses and records are stored and the funds are stored. The liquidity is combined to form a new liquidity chain and address, and the highest standard market risk control process is adopted to ensure the safety of all users’ funds.


At the same time, BTSEX has vigorously started the innovation of blockchain assets while operating currency transactions to meet investors’ demand for financial products of blockchain assets, and has also achieved options transactions and perpetual contracts. The world’s leading. BTSEX options trading uses the stable currency USDT as the settlement currency, the product structure is clearer and simpler, and the multi-variety transaction is simpler and more convenient. The BTSEX exchange enables every subject in the financial investment group to enjoy the progress brought by technology.

Each customer can complete each financial investment transaction efficiently and safely through the BTSEX exchange, and can also enjoy the supporting services provided by the BTSEX exchange. Industry chain institutions can also carry out various businesses on the BTSEX exchange to expand their customer groups. On the exchange, users will obtain currency purchases, and after option contracts are traded, they will be stored in the liquidity pool to make the market, and the purchases will be stable and enjoy the dealer’s handling fee dividends, high-selling low-absorbing quantitative income, currency’s liquidity value-added income, TRON value-added income, Liquidity mining ‍Five benefits, falling currency price, strong risk resistance, rising currency price, a great guarantee for earning TRON.

All in all, BTSEX exchange is most in line with the concept of decentralization of blockchain assets, which is very suitable for the current market situation and is the first choice for users, which will create an opportunity for you to invest in high-quality digital assets.

BTSEX’s customer service is on call 24/7 and does everything they can to help users, contact customer service via live chat or email [email protected]

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