Critter Stop Describes Humane Wildlife Removal Practices

January 26 08:36 2022
Critter Stop Describes Humane Wildlife Removal Practices
Critter Stop is a professional animal removal firm based in Southlake, Texas. Recently, they explained to locals how they could humanely remove wildlife from homes and ensure they don’t come back.

Southlake, TX – January 26, 2022 – property owners in Southlake always have issues with wildlife invading their homes. They don’t want to hurt the creatures, but they want them to stay away from home. 

Critter Stop knows the behavior of animals in this area. Therefore, whenever homeowners want humane animal removal Southlake, they know they can rely on Critter Stop to safeguard the animals from getting hurt. After extensive inspection of the issue, the expert will set traps that allow the animals one way out of the attic but no way back in.

This procedure is used for raccoon, possum, and squirrel removal Southlake. No harm is caused to the animals as they enter the trap. 

After that, the experts take the animal to the wildlife area certified by Texas Park and the Wildlife Department. Then, they release the animals. 

Once the animals are released, Critter Stop ensures that they don’t come back. It is easier to prevent the next raccoon or squirrel invasion if the house is sealed.

The expert will utilize many strategies to discourage the successive squirrel infestation in Southlake. First, they will seal up all holes available in the eaves, attic vents, foundation, and the gaps in the siding. 

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Critter Stop was established in 2018. We are a humane animal removal firm offering wildlife and rodent pest control solutions in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Once the animals are removed, we provide lifetime assurance that they will not come back.

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