Affluence Corporation Value Proposition Intensifies After Launching Industry-Changing Situational Awareness Solution for Airport Terminals (OTC Pink: AFFU)

December 07 06:48 2021

Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK: AFFU) stock is being dragged lower by broader market weakness. But that’s not all bad news. Undeserved weakness exposes opportunity. That appears to be the case for AFFU stock, especially after two updates that show the company is in its best position ever to create and sustain shareholder value. 

Investors have been paying attention. Before the November holiday, shares soared after a series of announcements made an exceptionally bullish case for the company. While AFFU stock has given back some of those gains, it’s not reflective of what AFFU is doing on the ground. There, AFFU is expediting a mission to penetrate new markets and accelerate revenue growth. They are succeeding in both initiatives.

Moreover, they are setting records in the process. Not only that, AFFU guided that its record-setting Q3 revenues come with a tailwind into Q4. In fact, they expect that its doubling of comparative Q3 revenues may be a precursor of better things to come. Not only that, they provided every indication that the company is better positioned now compared to when its share price reached $0.67 during the past 52-weeks. They indeed offered substance.

In addition to posting its highest quarterly revenue ever, AFFU announced at the end of November that its OneMind Technologies subsidiary has developed a software solution for Situational Awareness for airport terminals. And while they are bullish on its prospects, others are also calling the platform a game-changer for how security and situational management can be managed. Better still, for AFFU and its investors, the breakthrough product could become an enormous value driver in 2022.

Here’s even better news. It’s built upon a scalable platform that can be pivotal to the next stage of Smart City evolution.

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A Game-Changing Situational Awareness Product 

In fact, the Airport Hypervision product is leveraging the platform strength of its award-winning Smart City software platform that provides situational awareness to major cities, including Barcelona, San Francisco, Oslo, and Guadalajara. That’s not all. AFFU believes there is nothing else on the market with the power and technological capability to address the “new normal” in airport security. Indeed, times have changed. 

The “new normal” has perpetuated a need for a more comprehensive tool to address a growing list of significant issues faced in the travel sector. OneMind is delivering that tool. And its Airport Hypervision is the star, enabling situational awareness feeds for crowd management, thermal screening, and incident management. Moreover, unlike some competing products, it’s a real-time reporting mechanism that allows airport management to take immediate corrective action to prevent an expansion of unwanted situations.

For example, through Airport Hypervision’s visual analytics, airport management can monitor social distancing and mask mandates. Not only that, through its integration with thermal cameras, a disembarking passenger with an abnormal temperature can be identified and directed to an on-site clinic. The platform provides even more benefits. 

Airport Hypervision enables airports to track assets in the airport and on the tarmac, monitor security and situational awareness, and produce dashboards and report on key performance indicators in real-time. While there may be products that can combine to do similar things, the attraction to OneMind’s solution is that it’s an all-in-one platform. That advantage keeps it cost-effective and seamless to implement. The better news is that the platform is a logical extension of OneMind’s Smart City software solution. Thus, adoption into airports worldwide is only the first step in penetrating major global markets.

Expansion Into Smart City Applications

Affluence expects its OneMind subsidiary to penetrate major global markets with the platform sooner than later. They view Airport Hypervision as the logical extension to OneMind’s Smart City software solution. And with many buildings, especially modern construction, being as complex as small cities, they may be right.

Keep in mind, as complexity increases, so do the need for real-time dashboards and analytics that monitor and enhance the operational management of these large public and private buildings. OneMind delivers on that front by offering multi-domain integration across diverse subsystems. In other words, it combines data that is agnostic to the source and the product to address the macro issues of the organization and the micro issues for all the individual users. Better yet, it’s a proven platform that works and is already being used in smart cities and smart construction. For AFFU, that’s excellent news.

For investors too. 

OneMind Technologies Adds To Value Proposition

Affluence won’t be greedy about its good fortune. Investors will share in the prize as well. And that scenario is already in play, with AFFU guidance calling for substantial increases in revenues stemming from near-record demand levels for the type of IoT technologies Affluence offers. Even better from a value proposition, AFFU is far from a one-product company. Instead, AFFU is well-diversified to take advantage of current and emerging needs in an IoT market that is still in its infancy. By the way, those needs and demands are leading to an expansion in each of AFFU’s business segments, particularly at OneMind Technologies. 

In fact, OneMind is creating an impressive revenue-generating tailwind heading into Q1 of 2022. Better yet, OneMind is blazing a trail for sustainable revenue growth for AFFU. The innovative and scalable OneMind technology has already been chosen as the command and control software for one of the world’s most notable Smart City projects. And with a signed contract in hand and having completed the final implementation processes, investors can expect a formal announcement about its transformational impact once its technology and service partners meet their own requisite requirements. 

Here’s the best news: AFFU expects revenue recognition from the deal to start in Q4 of this year. But, even better, they expect to carry over a seven-figure product backlog into the first half of 2022. Consequently, on a comparative basis, revenues are on track to at least double again in the coming quarters. But, that’s just from OneMind. Affluence has plenty more to offer its clients to drive value for investors.

Acquisition of ISLP Exposes New Opportunities 

Affluence acquired ISLP earlier this year and positions them ideally to capitalize on significant revenue-generating opportunities in the telecom services and specialized technologies space. ISLP, by the way, emerges as a success story from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Incubator in Delhi. Since then, it has established itself as an industry player uniquely qualified to build customized digital solutions for clients using cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Data Science. 

Currently, AFFU is leveraging ISLP’s expertise to build and deliver fiber technology-based last-mile infrastructure and technology solutions to one of the largest telecom companies in Asia. Moreover, the company has a new project commencing in Q1 of 2022, with revenues contributing to its books no later than Q2 of next year. It’s a big project as well, with AFFU expecting the project to yield exponential growth through a funding term sheet in place for $40 million. As noted, that deal is expected to be executed in the first weeks of next year. There’s still more to like. 

Momentum Builds To Create Lasting Shareholder Value

In addition to its already public announcements, AFFU guided to expect several acquisitions to close within the first quarter of next year. Each is expected to accelerate its growth trajectory sooner than later. For investors, that’s good to know. Future assets will contribute to an AFFU that is in its best position ever to shift its revenue-generating momentum from hyper to warp speed growth. 

Know this, too. AFFU recently strengthened its operating position after executing two global master product and services agreements with world-class organizations. The first international product distribution agreement already earned one major contract, with AFFU adding that OneMind has also quoted several additional projects for its 2022 business pipeline. The second agreement is a services agreement for its IoT and 5G technology product stack. Updates on how that agreement will impact near-term revenue streams are imminent.

Here’s better news to expose the AFFU investment proposition. Despite its micro-cap size, AFFU is effectively competing against larger companies. Moreover, its agile operating structure is ideally positioned to exploit current and emerging business opportunities inside the multi-billion-dollar IoT industry. And they are making sure it can capitalize through its pending acquisition of Saamarthya to maximize its offerings in the $7.6 billion biomedical waste market. But, there’s more to like.

Of course, that deal only adds to its OneMind Technologies, Inc. subsidiary currently seizing upon opportunities in a $9.2 billion Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) market by marketing its innovative closed-loop process automation solution. And they have an excellent chance of earning market traction, especially with its Closed Loop Process Automation solution advancing a unique IoT technology that delivers unprecedented efficiencies and cost optimization in the manufacturing sector. Unlike many competitive solutions, OneMind provides real-time data acquisition, analytics, and instruction data feedback to the computer-controlled processes. To a layman, it sounds complicated. But to those in the sector, most importantly, clients, they understand that OneMind delivers next-gen technology to different markets that need it today.

Best-In-Class Solutions Driving Growth

And customers are lining up. Notably, the attraction to AFFU’s Industrial IoT solution is that it utilizes a unique, fully integrated, and intelligent closed-loop solution versus the often incongruent automation patches in competing products. Thus, it does much more than just collect data and operate devices; it utilizes the power of AI to analyze data and make decisions via a cloud-based environment. Best of all, OneMind solutions enable remote SCADA monitoring and control using ordinary tablets and smartphones. As a result, it is logistically superior, and clients want it.

The technology is already deployed at more than 70 Solar Power generation farms throughout India, the Middle East, and Asia. While that’s excellent news for today, the future is bright, too, after AFFU recently highlighted that several new revenue-generating projects will likely start in the coming weeks. Those initiatives also broaden AFFU’s target audience, reaching solar and wind power generation farms, machine components manufacturing units, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Keep in mind, AFFU is already making money on these services.

With its Industrial IoT – SCADA solution deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, AFFU generates income from a one-time fee and an ongoing monthly charge starting at $10 per machine. Hence, a formidable revenue stream is forming, especially with AFFU expecting to place more than 50,000 machines in India alone over the next twelve months. Moreover, additional planned placements throughout North America and Europe next year make that revenue stream significantly stronger and, most importantly, sustainable.

Notably, there’s plenty of demand to keep AFFU and its subsidiaries busy. 

Subsidiary Assets Attract Industry Attention

AFFU recently announced that OneMind entered an agreement with ISLP Technologies to provide software solutions for ISLP’s Smart City projects in India. That deal can significantly increase the pace of OneMind Technologies’ growth. In fact, the company believes the agreement will have an extremely positive impact on 2022 revenue. And considering that ISLP Technologies already has working agreements with prominent Indian Telco companies and planned new product rollout in cities across India, that’s likely. Moreover, because OneMind offers tailored solutions, its clients benefit from a suite of smart city software products.

And OneMind earned its praise. According to ISLP Technologies CEO, OneMind brings with them a history of being already included in the world’s largest Smart City project in the Middle East. Secondly, OneMind is strengthened by partnerships with one of the world’s leading technology companies and one of Europe and Asia’s largest professional services organizations to implement projects. Thirdly, ISLP noted that the OneMind product stack is flexible, meaning it’s easy to expand into other applications such as smart airports, smart hospitals, and smart construction. Thus, for all intents and purposes, expect the diversified strength of OneMind to be a catalyst for AFFU stock to surge once its new programs get fully implemented. Remember, the target date for launch is early 2022. So, trading ahead of that value may be a wise consideration. 

Deals And Acquisitions Expose Value Disconnect

Keep this in mind, too, when evaluating the valuation disconnect. In addition to the deals and acquisitions already mentioned, AFFU expects to generate meaningful revenues from RAS Engineering PA, a telecom infrastructure engineering and design services organization that provides the critical design work needed for telecom construction projects and site plans. 

According to AFFU, it’s an ideal niche company that offers A/E design, code compliance, building performance testing, quality control testing, commissioning, measurement & verification, special inspections, and consulting services. Investors can expect this acquisition to gain revenue-generating momentum in the coming quarters. Still, including its intrinsic value now allows investors to get ahead of those revenue-generating announcements.

Thus, even after a significant run in price over the past ten days, the sum of its parts keeps AFFU a more than attractive proposition; it keeps it a compelling one. The valuation disconnect, in fact, is getting too big to ignore. But, considering that AFFU has best-in-class assets, is penetrating multiple global markets with best-in-class IoT solutions, and is selectively acquiring companies to expedite its mission to become EPS positive in the coming quarters, that gap should start to close. 

Moreover, with several announcements expected in the coming weeks, including one with a potential $40 million commitment, that’s likely to happen faster than many may expect. And knowing that it touched $0.67 during the past 52- weeks with less operating firepower, the next few weeks and quarters, which are potentially loaded with value-creating news, could be transformative to Affluence Corp. Better yet, they could help transform investor portfolios as well.


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