PUSHR Presents Premium Live Streaming Platform and Content Delivery Network Solutions at Highly Approachable Prices

December 01 03:33 2021
PUSHR is a Bulgarian-based content delivery network founded by Net Stack Ltd. The company was founded to empower and scale high-traffic firms and enable their customers to manage and broaden their businesses without burdening their budgets.

While many fresh brands and startups focus on creating quality content, mature firms and established household names in the industry are well aware of the fact that content storage and placement are far more arduous tasks.

PUSHR is a content delivery network that offers numerous solutions to the aforementioned challenges, including image delivery, video on demand, video transcoding, live streaming/re-streaming, file and software CDN, mobile & in-app content, CDN cloud storage, and tailor-made solutions at affordable prices.

One of the hallmark features of PUSHR is the brand’s enterprise-grade live streaming platform. Characterized by pristine visual quality and unparalleled content protection, PUSHR’s streaming services are as cost-effective as they offer consistent, dependable performance:

“We’ve designed PUSHR’s live streaming platform with efficiency in mind. Its self-service dashboard and ability to record, store and deliver broadcasts as VOD immediately after they have been aired bring significant reduction in content management and production costs.”

PUSHR also offers an eclectic array of content delivery services. Due to the strategically positioned edge network, PUSHR can smoothly deliver content anywhere in the world quickly and reliably:

“Each server on our edge network is also an origin shield and a load balancer. PUSHR automatically selects the edge closest to your origin to achieve full-path acceleration and 2x better performance for uncached content.”

With data centers on all continents and 4K Ultra HD support, PUSHR’s CDN is a refined, versatile solution that is capable of catering to the needs of any brand, regardless of size or the targeted industry.

Additionally, the company offers scalable file storage services. As the brand’s spokesperson imparts, “PUSHR SFS storage is built for simplicity, reliability, and high performance. From a large number of small files to 4K video content, SFS significantly improves the delivery of content while offering one of the world’s most flexible pricing models.”

Aside from approachable SFS pricing plans, all PUSHR services are available at approachable prices. The brand offers multiple pricing packages for each service, as well as several free features, such as free Cloud DVR and free image optimization.

PUSHR’s content delivery network services are available in Standard Network Tier and Extended Network Tier packages. The standard package costs $0.01 per gigabyte of traffic initially, scaling the price as the traffic becomes heavier. The Extended Network Tier package has a flat rate of $0.04 per gigabyte of traffic and can be toggled on or off when needed.

The brand’s live streaming platform and OTT services come available in seven pricing plans while Cloud DVR is free for all users. PUSHR’s scalable file storage service offers fully managed SFS storage at $0.015 per gigabyte.

More information about PUSHR can be found on the brand’s official website.

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