Primens’s Gooseneck Phone Holder Desk Mount Joins the Ranks of Amazon’s Top Selling Phone Accessories

December 01 03:15 2021
Primens is an American company that designed and manufactured one of Amazon’s best-selling Gooseneck phone holders.

The smartphone accessories market is laden with a myriad of gadgets and trinkets, especially phone cases and holders. However, many of said accessories are flimsy and poorly made. Thus, they can be used effectively only for a while, compelling people to buy replacements in bulk or opt for overly expensive boutique items.

Primens, an American brand, has found a solution for people searching for a sturdy, high-quality phone holder, which thousands of Amazon shoppers wholeheartedly embraced.

The brand’s smartphone holder features a flexible, bendable goose-necked arm and a non-flexible arm, giving the flexibility buyers might lack with other phone holders. A long bendable arm enables users to adjust the optimal heights to get the perfect angle, both as they watch a video or make a call. The aluminum and magnesium alloy makes the arm responsive to adjustments without sagging. The arm can be bent and rotated thousands of times, and it will remain as sturdy as on the first day.

The holder’s base is covered with premium-quality silicone, which prevents damage and scratches to furniture.

A strong clipping mechanism would hold a heavy phone even in the upside-down position. By the way, the clipper can be rotated 360 degrees for gaining the optimal view angle.

One of the highlights of Primens’s phone holder is its exemplary compatibility. It is suitable for use with nearly all popular smartphone models, including most of Apple’s iPhone versions (from iPhone 5 to 13 Pro Max), most Samsung phones, Motorola’s models, Nokias, Lumia smartphones, and BlackBerry smartphones.

Primens’s smartphone mount can be attached to a variety of surfaces, including desks, tables, kitchen counters, bed frames, headboards, and nightstands. The portability of the holder mount makes it an ideal choice for avid travelers, although its versatility also makes it suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping.

Primens’s phone holder for bed is one of the most popular smartphone accessories on Amazon, backed by more than 8,000 positive ratings and reviews. Hundreds of satisfied customers have shared their experiences on Amazon’s platform, praising the phone holder’s practicality, versatility, and value for the money.

Andrew Barber, a verified buyer, has praised the Gooseneck phone holder’s adjustability and ease of use, and rated “6” stars stated:

This product is the single greatest thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon. It can be used in so many ways – while laying down, use as a selfie stick, use it for video chats, etc. 10/10 for me!”

S. Dabol, another satisfied customer, described the phone holder is “Best phone holder mount,” stating:

I really like it’s good quality and very nice rotation angle . I recommended thank you so much.”

Primens offers a wide array of high-quality proprietary products. More information about the brand and its catalog can be found on the company’s website.

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