NFT Company, Layer Announces Launch of New NFT Collection, SatoSHE

November 22 22:34 2021

Layer gears up for the upcoming launch event of its SatoSHE NFT Collection scheduled for the 10th of December, 2021 on Virtual Space.  SatoSHE, otherwise known as Layer’s NFT project aims to challenge the conventional thinking and explore the possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency is actually female. In 2008, Nakamoto authored the Bitcoin Whitepaper which showed how Bitcoin could exist and be used as a global currency. Today, Bitcoin is a global currency and thousands of cryptocurrencies exist because of Satoshi’s original invention. 

Many have assumed that Satoshi Nakamoto is a man, but there is no concrete evidence proving this to be true. Layer’s SatoSHE will therefore explore the possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually female. The project also seeks to empower women artistes all over the world. By bringing women artists to the spotlight, Layer is supporting women and helping them to enter into the male-dominated industries of Blockchain and NFTs. It will also give back a percentage of sales to women focused charities.

The project will feature a total of 20 selected female artists to design and deliver their version of SatoSHE for the digital event of the project launch. During the launch event, attendees will be able to meet the artists in a virtual space and connect with them directly and be the first to purchase the SatoSHE collection NFT. The NFTs will be sold on a first come, first serve basis as there will be a limited amount of 20 NFTs.

Attendees can expect artists such as Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell and Mother Pop. Hilary is a New Yorker Cartoonist, Comedian and Author who has illustrated books such as Feminist fight club and Are You My Uber? Mother Pop is the pop artist alter ego of Cavanagh Foyle. She creates vibrant digital pop art with a distinctive retro twist and infuses her creations with her signature ‘squiggs’ making her art instantly recognisable. 

NFT lovers can also expect interviews with female thought leaders within the Tech and creative space such as Brittany Laughlin, Zoe Timms, Kristina Flynn, Tasha Blank and Shaylin Wallace. Brittany Laughlin is the Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation and has spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration. Zoe Timms is the Founder of Women’s Education Project: For Young Women to Become Economically Independent Leaders in their Communities. Tasha Blank is a Minister of Sound, International DJ, speaker, coach and founder of NYC’s wildest dance experience, The Get Down. Shaylin Wallace also known as “Shay The Surrealist” is a 22-year old digital artist from Wilmington, Delaware that specializes in creating surrealistic compositions.

About Layer

Layer makes creating and buying NFTs super simple. Layer was co-founded by All Koretsky, Gary Riger, and Marin Romashko. Being that the Layer leadership team is women-led, we felt it important to change the current narrative and provide platform to empower women artists in the NFT space.

Interested participants can join SatoSHE’s launch for the full female experience on the Virtual Space/ Metaverse or on Layer’s website.

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