Importance of Connecting to a VPN While Using Messenger

October 27 16:10 2021

Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide. Its affiliation to the tech giant, Facebook, helped in garnering several loyal patrons, ranging from working millennials to the older online users.

Unlike any other messaging apps, Messenger has a fun and user-friendly interface. This is mainly the reason why even the elderlies prefer this app over others. With Messenger, it’s easier to get updated and catch up with our friends and loved ones.

However, since Messenger is very popular and part of the public web space, third parties like web cookies and cyberthieves take advantage of it. Messenger is also considered as the least secure messaging app because its chats are unencrypted. Meaning, third parties have the capability to read and keep track of the users’ conversations.

This is alarming as it seems like nothing is even private anymore. And with the world relying more on technology, it’s safe to say that nobody is willing to discontinue using apps like this.

Here comes the solution

Fortunately, a Virtual Private Network, mostly known as VPN, can help online users guarantee online privacy. With a VPN, all of your conversations on Messenger will be encrypted and safe from the roaming threats on the web.

So, if a user has a confidential conversation with someone, nobody on the internet will be able to view and record it. Chats will be concealed and nobody can breach one’s Messenger account.

It is also known that a VPN aids with bypassing any types of restrictions. So, if your office or campus has blocked Messenger, a VPN will help you gain access to this messaging app. This way, you can chat with anyone, especially if it’s about an urgent matter.

A VPN can also stop brands from bombarding Messenger users with their advertisements. Ever since the marketing industry heavily reckoned on social media, companies have utilized the Messenger app as a massive ad space. 

Because of this, one’s Messenger app is also filled with unnecessary commercials, instead of just conversations with other users. This makes it hard, especially for the elder demographic to search for a certain chat.

A free VPN app like GoingVPN can help users obtain online security and privacy while using Messenger. This VPN offers premium and high-quality services like: tight encryption process, unlimited data bandwidth, and max-speed technology. Not to mention, GoingVPN also has an extensive library of server locations to choose from.

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