Social media stars TM Twins enter into partnership with World’s First Social Unity App – The Kindli Social

October 13 04:27 2021
The TM Twins have partnered with latest social unity app Kindli to spread awareness about the urgent need for kindness in the contemporary world marred with violence and aggression.

Houston, TX – October 12, 2021 – Popular social media icons TM Twins (Taneeyah and Meniyah Biscette) are pleased to announce that they have recently entered into a partnership with Kindli Social, the world’s FIRST purely positive social media app. The revolutionary platform is on a mission to disrupt social media for better and propel a sustainable movement that affects positive change.  

Kindli is available on both Google Play App Store and Apple App Store for download. 

In an exclusive interview, TM Twins shared that they have teamed up with @kindlisocial for a giveaway to spread awareness about the new social media app. The star twins recently went out on a bus tour on behalf of Kindli to promote acts of kindness in the first half of this week. 

Giveaway prizes were a Zoom dance class with the twins AND a $100 gift card that participants could spend anywhere. Later in the day they went ahead and spread acts of kindness to strangers in Scottsdale, AZ. 

The TM Twins had all the nice words to say about their experience in Scottsdale and the recent partnership with Kindli.  

“Working with Kindli in Scottsdale was one of the most fulfilling activities we had done all summer. Partnering with a company who genuinely just cares about people and wants to help the less fortunate in a unique way makes us proud to be a part of something like this. It was also a fun experience to get to work with other influencers to do positive things for a community”, said the TM Twins. 

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Kindli, along with the TM Twins, is aspiring to bring a positive and tangible shift in humanity, uniting and connecting members in a safe space that inspires others to proactively take part in taking care of their own communities. Designed to encourage kind acts and positive thoughts, Kindli purposely shifts away from the controversial politics or hot-button issues that have saturated the contemporary social media platforms today. Rather, the new unique “social unity app” encourages members to reach out to kindred spirits across the world with acts of kindness as well as receive the same positivity from others, under a unified global platform.  

One of the most loved stars on social media, the TM Twins’ account (@tm.twins ) currently commands 1 million+ followers on Instagram. These highly talented 17-year-old dancing and singing stars are one of the most sought-after influencers today for a big line of music artists and brands. Rising on their surging popularity and massive following, the TM Twins’ partnership with Kindli will go a long way in raising awareness about the unique social unity app and its noble ethos, which hopefully will make the world a better place to live in in near future.  

“We want people to know that it’s OK to be kind and do things to put a smile on other people’s faces just because. With all of the hate and violence going on today, Kindli is the only app where you 100% know that you can find something positive to brighten your day. We plan to do giveaways on social media and creative promotions with them to bring more awareness to the app.” 

Added to the social media twin stars, the platform has already garnered the support of many other celebrities, including the likes of professional athlete Tim Tebow, Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, and WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil. 

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