“Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”, Best Philosophical at Cannes World Film Festival – “Remember the Future”.

September 14 07:15 2021

Albion, Republic of Mauritius – 13th September, 2021 – “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”, has won in the Best Philosophical category in the July edition of the “Cannes World Film Festival – Remember the Future”.

Three Wise Men Parallel Lives” was produced in Mauritius in 2020. The story revolves around the creation of electricity and how the fates of three strangers became bonded together. Nikola Tesla, an  inventor, known for his role in alternating current; Amode Ibrahim Atchia, known as “Major Atchia”, a Mauritian entrepreneur and inventor.

The “Major” developed the first hydro power station to supply Mauritian homes with electricity; and Deane Thomas, a native Englishman and entrepreneur who is developing Tomislav Tesla’s new technology for hydropower stations.

“Three Wise Men Parallel Lives” has not only enjoyed success in Cannes, but also at several other big screen festivals around the world. To date, this documentary has won more than 30 international awards.

According to Karolina Bomba, founder of the Cannes World Film Festival – Remember the Future, “It was a surprise for us when we found out it’s from Mauritius because it’s our first ! Deane Thomas’s inspiring story exemplifies what extraordinary achievements the human spirit is capable of and the positive impact it can have on the lives of billions of people.

For all people who know about Nikola Tesla’s life, they will be witnessing a fascinating story that is unfolding in this documentary and for those who don’t know yet the genius of Tesla, it’s the perfect timing to become acquainted with it.

This latest award and nomination was very special for the directors Sada Rajiah and Désiré Prevost. Rajiah noted “The fact that Mauritius is a small country in the middle of the Indian Ocean it is just like magic to see a Mauritian win a Festival in Cannes”. He went on to say “I can give the assurance that I will do anything to lift Mauritian cinema to the highest levels possible in the world”.

He was joined in his remarks by Vikram Jootun, Director of Mauritius Film Development Corporation, which always provides technical support to film directors. “During the launch of Three Wise Men Parallel Lives last November, I explained that this is a film that goes back to our history. A story that youngsters should be aware of. Today, with this victory in Cannes, Mauritius has made its mark in history.”

Creator and Producer, Deane Thomas thanked the entire cast and crew for their incredible talent and for participating in the making of Three Wise Men Parallel Lives.  “This whole story simply had to be told, and never did I anticipate such an impact”.  He went on to say “History reveals so many hidden gems of information, which is so crucial for the future of our planet. We are all treasure hunters on a quest, for me, quite literally I landed on Treasure Island!”

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