Chihalo Offers Unmatched Quality Through Their Laser Cleaning Machines

September 13 15:25 2021

When getting laser cleaning machines, one has to be quite meticulous in their selection approach. There are a multitude of intricacies involved in such equipment, and the slightest element can change the final result significantly. As a result of this, people are often left unsure if they are getting a product that is truly worth their time. However, Chihalo is one provider of reliable laser cleaning machines that has managed to cement its position among its customers.

Chihalo is a Sino EU joint venture high tech enterprise. They primarily focus on advanced laser technology and equipment and supply to over 49 distributors internationally. Working with such a long chain of clients has allowed the company to learn what it takes to truly stand out and provide unbridled quality and consistency in their machinery. Their laser cleaning machine is designed to offer the most superior functioning to their customers, leading to benefits such as quick installation and setup times, intelligent software and rich functions, alongside frequent software updates to ensure ease of operating. With efficiency and effectiveness both being central pillars of the Chihalo laser cleaning machine, this is a piece of equipment that has managed to make rounds across the globe.

Chihalo offers their laser cleaning machines in 100W, 200W and portable variants. They have stated that they are pleased with the customers they have managed to acquire through their hard work and consistent focus on innovation. They hope to keep improving their products and to continue providing their renowned laser cleaning machines to an ever-growing list of international clients and customers.

About Chihalo

Chihalo is a Sino EU joint venture high tech enterprise focusing on advanced laser technology and equipment. They have 49 distributors and OEM partners in northern Europe, Central Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru and other countries.

Chihalo laser cleaning machine has been applied to the world top 500 and many fields at home and abroad, such as military industry, ships, trains, aerospace, moulds, tires, automobiles, cultural relics restoration, building cleaning, etc. Chihalo laser cleaner adopts MOPA fiber laser which has the characteristics of independently adjustable pulse width and frequency, and can maintain high stable peak power output even with the modification of pulse width and frequency, so as to adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.

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