The Rise of the Awakening Starseeds Book Series

September 13 13:58 2021

Radhaa Publishing House announces Awakening Starseeds Vol. 3 to be released in 2022

After the great success of Awakening Starseeds Vol, one and two, Radhaa Publishing House is thrilled to announce the third volume of this much-anticipated series. Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future, is a book that will have revelations from healers, innovators and visionaries, and people who share their dreams into the Future. Calling all dreamers, visionaries, healers, innovators, and holistic creators to share your message and voice with the world! A great Guru once said, “The future is brighter than you could ever imagine.” As we find ourselves living in one of the darkest times in humanity, it is also a time where the most light is coming in. A time of change is upon us, and it is up to each of us to decide how our future goes. It is the time for visionaries and innovators to step up and share visions and dreams for the future. 

Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future book cover has the Starseed signature look. If you want to know more about Radhaa Publishing House. Watch the video with founder, Radhaa Nilia. 

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What past Authors are saying about working with Radhaa Publishing House: 

“I was already published before, but with Radhaa Publishing House, I became a ‘seen’ author, which is different from being published. You can be published but still with no one seeing you. Radhaa Publishing House brought me out of the dark into the light. They shined a light on my life and what I am doing and who I am. That is a priceless experience. I am so honored. It has honestly changed everything for me, and it still is. I know this is only the beginning.” – Stasia Bliss, Utah.

“The impact of connecting with Radhaa Publishing House hits very close to home. I admire the group members because they have taken the stories into a mainstream setting for people to become more aware of what Starseeds are. The whole team has also helped me improve my story and allowed me to share the raw experiences I have gained throughout the years.” – Leshara, Phillippines.

“The best part of the whole thing, I loved it all. From the moment we began working together, I felt a team feeling, a family. I felt included in a project bigger than me, but that included me. I loved the healing sessions, and the feedback, the comradery in the group of writers, and Radhaa is amazingly supportive and guides this whole process with heart. A true one-of-a-kind experience. As an author for many years, I have never experienced anything like this, it is coaching plus publishing. They believe in you, and they want to see you speak your deepest, most profound truth.” – Arrameia Auraire Araiss, Prague.

“I submitted my chapter, and it was such a good feeling of accomplishment! I also built a friendship with Radhaa and the team, who have helped so much and been so supportive every step of the way. They’ve explained so much to me, and it has been quite a learning experience to help me grow not only as an author but as my true self. This is my Star family, and they’ve found me, there is a sense of belonging that I’ve not felt in the past. Radhaa Publishing House is not just a publishing company; Radhaa truly cares for us and wants to see us excel and spread our truths to the collective for the healing of the planet and movement towards the new Earth.” – Cristal Ortiz, Florida.

“Wisdom keepers spoke of prophecies of how life on our planet would be unrecognizable in the Future. That time is now. We realized that the clarion call has come for us to journey into this historical time. The portals and Stargates are opening, and light codes are flooding in. Starseeds are here to capture those light codes towards transformation into new Earth. Join nineteen Starseeds as they share their experiences, awakenings and transformation. The Awakening Starseeds book series is the first of its kind in the world. It is a mystical book that embodies Activations, storytelling, and healing.” Books of Radhaa Publishing House collaborative books are bestsellers that can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell Books, Walmart, and Target. You can also order your signed Author copies through Radhaa Publishing House. 

Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 1. Like Vol 2, it was #1 in New Releases and is an ongoing series. Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions, Volume 1. is also available everywhere.

Some of the benefits that past and future authors experience are gaining authority in their field, being part of an international book, and becoming a “Best-Selling” Author. Many past authors use their books for promotion and business. Radhaa Publishing House supports authors that want guidance in doing their book signings at local bookstores in their area. All authors get a written Q&A interview with a permanent link. They also get interviewed on video or podcasts by a professional host, which is then promoted online. But the greatest gift to authors is to know that they can share their voice, mission, and gifts with the world. Being a part of these books is truly creating a Legacy. To become a part of this collaborative series, please feel free to reach out to us. Space is limited. To RSVP your Chapter send an email to Radhaa Publishing House.

Radhaa Publishing House is focused on heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling, and transformative stories by authors across the world. Our focal point is on our collaborative book series that showcases our author’s voices. Radhaa Publishing House is calling all storytellers, visionaries, healers, innovators, futurists, scientists, oracles, and dreamers who wish to come forward to express their voice and creativity. They are now taking applications. Space is very limited, so now is the time to inquire. Several collaborative books are coming out for 2022. Here are their upcoming books: 

Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into The Future, Volume 3.

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine.

Stories of the Goddess.

 For deadlines and Chapter submissions feel free to send your inquiry to Radhaa Publishing House. 

“We celebrate one-of-a-kind memoirs and self-empowering books. We thrive on supporting our gifted author’s literary work. As a company, we embrace and empower the sacred journey of our writer’s storytelling. Our objective is to assist our clients in embodying messages of hope, healing, and transformation. In sharing our author’s work, we at Radhaa Publishing House awaken, transform and elevate our readers globally.” 

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