London Guitar Lessons Tuition Launches New Guitar Learning System

September 13 17:54 2021
The new Guitar Tuition East London website offers a free lesson as part of an effective teaching system for learning guitar. The website lists three mistakes that learners attach to other guitar teaching styles.

Guitar Tuition East London and Darryl Powis are pleased to announce the launch of their updated website featuring information about their tested system of teaching London guitar lessons. The system was developed through the efforts and personal learning experience of Daryl Powis, founder and teacher at the studio in East London. He founded the school to help people learn how to play the guitar. The classes are offered in the studio, and the first lesson is free of charge.

According to Darryl Powis, “I struggled to learn to play as I wanted for a long time. Through my quest to improve my own playing, I have developed a system to assist others. I have tested the system with hundreds of my clients and have found it to be successful in learning to play the guitar as they want. My system helps them avoid three big mistakes that I made in learning to play.”

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The three myths listed on the website include: 1. Thinking guitar lessons are all the same, 2. Thinking I am not talented enough to play how I want, and 3. Thinking I can teach myself. Powis suggests fixing the mistake by adopting the attitude of ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ and finding experts to provide the student with direction and feedback.

The lessons help to understand precisely what to work on so that it is possible to sit down and play. The teachers monitor progress so that the student knows they are improving. The process of learning becomes enjoyable to that progress is an inevitable side effect. The lessons help students understand why there are plateaus and ensure that such a place never occurs again. The student is expected to commit to diligent daily practice and to attend the in-studio classes. 

About the Company:

Guitar Tuition East London offers an effective system for learning the guitar. The studio is in East London. The teaching system helps to provide solutions for three of the common myths about learning the instrument. 

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