Integrative Nurse Coach™ Academy Builds Resilience in Nurses

September 13 15:39 2021
This institution offers an alternative career path for nurses who would like to transition into nurse coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurses are no strangers to burnout. Many nurses have been burdened by various work stressors long before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country. Although experts advise burned-out professional nurses to turn to self-care practices, some of these routines are just not enough. To others, transitioning their career path into a more suitable one is the next best thing. One of the transitions they can consider is becoming a nurse coach.

To help today’s nurses who prefer to transition into a heath & wellbeing coach, the Integrative Nurse Coach™ Academy (INCA), the premier nurse coach training organization, offers its Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program. This program is available to all nurses globally and have trained many nurses in the US and in 18 other countries. INCA is the professional organization that has written the textbook on nurse coaching, conducts research, and advocates for recognition of the specialty.

All programs are completed 100% online. INCA prepares nurses to sit for two national board certification exams – Holistic Nursing and Nurse Coaching and provides enrollees with all the essentials to meet the continuing education and coaching hour requirements.

“Integrative Nurse Coach Academy is the premier nurse coach training organization for over ten years,” a spokesperson from the organization said. Two nursing pioneers, Barbara Dossey and Susan Luck established the institution to provide nurses worldwide with a new perspective on lifestyle health & wellbeing that’s essential for those who’d like to offer coaching services. The institution’s current executive directors are Ronald Kanka for business operations and Karen Avino, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, SGAHN for education.

According to the academy, the program is intended for those any nurse who is seeking to reenergize their practice as to avoid leaving their profession that is anchored on the current medical model. Nurses today seek to continue their core practice on the health arts and caritive tradition.

INCA’s faculty, composed of visionary team members, brings their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in nursing to the courses they teach and demonstrate a new way of communicating with patients to create behavioral change. The institution also has a community of graduates that continue to support and interact with each other, establishing career connections and making lifelong friends. Enrollees are granted access to this ongoing community of learning upon after graduation.

The academy is bringing the role of nurse coaches into different healthcare settings working with clients across the lifespan and uses a person-centered model approach to give the necessary communication strategies, healing knowledge, and appropriate coaching skills to improve their clients’ well-being.

INCA also provides innovative specialty online programs for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse coaches practicing in hospitals, private settings, organizations, communities, and in all clinical settings. Nurses enrolled in the academy’s program will learn coaching while taking a journey in Self Development that incudes self-assessment, self- reflection and self-care. This process leads to the development of individual resilience. In addition, its programs are approved for continuing education hours that can be paid or reimbursed by their employers.

For nurses who are already nurse coaches, the academy also offers specialty programs to expand their skillsets. For more information on the academy, visit

Interested applicants can get started by completing the Integrative Health & Wellness Assessment form under the website’s Resources section. A section on books and employer reimbursement procedures can also be found there. The website also contains course events, podcasts, and blogs related to nurse coaching for individuals who’d like to explore the subject.

About the Integrative Nurse Coach™ Academy

The Integrative Nurse Coach Academy (INCA) provides nurse coach programs to nursing professionals, from local to global. The institution is created to recognize and support all nurse coaches worldwide, who bring their coaching skills and competencies into all healthcare settings. It seeks to promote and support the unique role of nurse coaches in helping individuals, groups, and communities in realizing and reaching their greatest health potentials and goals. Nurse coaches who graduated and embody the INCA philosophy honor the whole person using principles and modalities that integrate body-mind-emotions-spirit-environment.

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