Rare Painting Of Napoleon Bonaparte of France To Benefit the Children of Haiti and Atlanta

September 13 10:16 2021
Courage To Believe International, Inc.

Atlanta, GA – September 13, 2021 – What are the odds that a descendent of enslaved Africans from the Caribbean island of Haiti captured the Godfather of white supremacy, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s rare painting. When people think of his involvement in the Atlantic slave trade, the middle passage, and his legacy the feelings are ambiguous even though he reinstated slavery in 1802 on the French colonies after France abolished slavery in 1794. Most history books and classrooms in America and Europe continue to praise the tyrant while whitewashing the historical significance of one of the most courageous and highly intelligent Haitian soldier, statesman, and humanitarian of all time that defeated Napoleon, General Toussaint L’Ouverture. Before becoming the Governor-General of the island, General Toussaint was victorious in a mission impossible war against the colonial superpowers of that era: Great Britain, Spain, and Napoleon’s French army with the financial support of the United States presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson during the 12-year Haitian Revolutionary War for freedom (1790-1803).

Furthermore, Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines, King Henry Christophe, and Suzanne Béliar, were some of the iconic warriors that played pivotal leadership rules in the successful all black revolutionary military. France once proudly boasted Saint-Domingue as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, which transformed into an independent Haiti by former enslaved Africans that revolted and abolished the monstrous system on January 1, 1804 — the first and only time that this has happened in world history. It’s a world changing event that is barely taught in schools. The backbreaking work on the paradise island once supplied the world with over 50 percent of its sugar and 60 percent of the coffee making it the richest and most profitable colony in the world during the late 18th century. 

Kevin “King” Dorival, an African-Haitian youth mentor, international activist, and author of his third book, the new inspirational bestselling book The Winner In The Mirror: Activating your Super Powers: Mind, Body, and Spirit to fight against low self-esteem and the increasing suicide rate. He’s also working with the Georgia art community towards opening a youth art center. Mr. Dorival’s prized possession is the famous oil painting by Caylon of Napoleon Bonaparte, Crossing The Alps, purchased at an auction in Georgia. Within his online art gallery, www.DivineBooksandArts.com, are books, oil paintings, and figurines that he uses to engage students while he teaches significant parts of history that teenagers find exciting.


Mr. Dorival, founder of the Courage To Believe International (C2B), a non-profit youth mentoring organization that provides educational, enrichment and scholarship programs. The groups focus are at-risk youths and young adults in South Florida, Atlanta, and Haiti between the ages of 8 to 24 years. Their community programs, C2B Chess Club & Mentoring Program, Annual Black On Black Crime Solutions Panel, and the upcoming Rosette Pierre’s Create Arts Museum will be offered during and after school hours.  The students will learn how to become entrepreneurs; they’ll fish for themselves by writing and publishing their own books, artwork, and to produce and edit their own films. Those interested in the culinary arts will create their own cookbooks. They’ll become savvy business people before they’ll even realize it with the ability to write their own bright futures instead of joining the school-to-prison pipeline that gives them an unfavorable destiny. 

When Mr. Dorival, was asked if he’ll sell the painting, he replied,

“Yes, absolutely! Our goal is to construct two educational centers, which will mainly be an entrepreneurial, and empowerment safe haven to benefit the future scholars in the Cap-Haïtien community, (northern region of Haiti) and in Atlanta to help the mentees create a brighter future to aim for. We’ll sell it to the highest bidder, as we raise more funds through our online GoFundMe youth museum campaign and grassroots support. The precious children of Haiti have suffered for generations due to high levels of sex trafficking and political corruption. The devastating July 2021 and 2010 earthquakes, constant foreign government interventions, and the recent assassination of Haiti’s 58th president, Jovenel Moïse made things extremely worse, however not all hope is lost. The proud country will rise up from the ashes of despair, and reach for glory, once again!”


Mr. Dorival also stated, “We’ve already secured a building in Haiti. Through our social media and videos we’re actively seeking investors, sponsors, partners, and a miracle to purchase a building or have one donated to us for our art centers for at-risk youth in metro Atlanta.“

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