King Holder has officially transformed from elite athlete to powerhouse entrepreneur, launching SURGE – The World’s First Dual-Head Massage Gun

September 13 09:36 2021
SURGE is a groundbreaking massage gun by King Holder’s company PROCUSSION. The SURGE uses a patented dual-head design to achieve 2x more effective relief than conventional massage guns, in half the time.

Los Angeles, California – September 13, 2021 – Riding on the breakthrough success of The PULSE Vibrating Massage ball, LA-based PROCUSSION is all geared up to continue their revolution of the recovery game with their very first massage gun release, The SURGE Dual-Head Massage Gun. This incredible device stands out as the world’s FIRST ever dual-head massage gun, which is uniquely designed to provide 2x more relief than traditional massage guns, in half the time. 

SURGE was launched on Kickstarter yesterday (9/9) with a funding goal of $10,000 over 30 days. In less than 24 hours, the campaign is bursting at the seams with an incredible $20,000 worth of funding amount raised. This incredible momentum has been the product of daily commitment and many long hours from the Founder of PROCUSSION, King Holder. 

From growing up in a humble apartment to becoming an elite football athlete, stretch therapist for celebrities, eminent participant in NBC Sports’ “The Next Olympic Hopeful”, and eventually a highly successful entrepreneur — Holder’s journey has been nothing less than extraordinary. 

Holder says, ”My family is my inspiration. Growing up, it was 5 of us in a tiny 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment (and 6-7 at a time when my brother or sister that lived out of town would stay with us). I keep those days at the front of my mind to help power me through the grind of working a full time job of 50+ hours running a health & fitness studio, then going home to work on PROCUSSION. Many times my schedule consists of 12-16 hour workdays, for weeks at a time. I just want to make all of my parent’s sacrifices worth it, and to show my siblings that anything is possible when you truly give it your all. I’m grateful for all the struggles we’ve gone through because I wouldn’t be here without it.”  

PROCUSSION is a rising sports recovery technology brand Founded by Holder, who is an elite that has now officially transformed into a business powerhouse. Not only does he operate the PROCUSSION brand, Holder also runs what is widely considered the #1 assisted stretching * mobility studio in the world — StretchLab Beverly. He says he has been testing the SURGE on StretchLab clients for the past several months, and has seen amazing feedback across the board. 

“I’ve seen first hand how many people are suffering from daily aches and pains. My goal is to provide our supporters not only world-class recovery devices, but also the education & knowledge to take care of their bodies for the rest of their lives”, says Holder as he shared his inspiration behind the launch of PROCUSSION. 

PROCUSSION has made big waves since the launch of its flagship product PULSE Vibrating Massage ball in 2020 which has received rave reviews from professional athletes, celebrities, and everyday users. Utilizing powerful & scientifically-calibrated vibration, the PULSE ball has proven to be extremely effective in relaxing and recharging the body with its innovative blend of trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. 

The SURGE massage gun is based on the percussive therapy mechanism, which has proven to be extremely effective with deep tissue massage and optimal muscle recovery. One of the major USPs of SURGE is its dual-attachment heads. These heads are intelligently designed to reach up to 50% more surface area, which causes stiff & tense muscles to release tension faster than ever. The massage gun comes with 8 attachment heads that users can mix and match to create maximum muscle stimulation which triggers your Central Nervous System to begin blocking pain receptors. 

So, how does the SURGE work and what makes it different from traditional massagers?

SURGE deploys a combination of scientifically-supported frequencies and amplitude to reach the deepest muscle layers. As it goes deeper into the body, the gun hits the chromatic cell nucleus. It results in 3 things:

  1. It alerts the CNS and triggers it to block pain receptors.  
  1. It activates the Golgi Tendons (sensory receptors located at the end of the muscles) that instantly helps the muscle to release tension and also assists to enhance the range of motion. 
  1. Finally, the whole process improves blood, oxygen, and lymphatic circulation. This results in seamless flow of more nutrients into the muscles. 

SURGE can be used pre & post-workout, at-home in the mornings or before bed, or even when one is just looking to put the feet up after a long tiring day. From pro athletes to weekend warriors, the SURGE is designed to be universally effective, regardless of fitness level or age.

Unique features of SURGE

  • World’s first dual-head massage gun
  • Lightest and quietest full-strength massage gun
  • 8 attachment heads that can be mixed and matched
  • 3200 RPM motor
  • 4 Speed levels
  • Premium built quality (1 year warranty)
  • Portable (TSA approved for travel)
  • 4 hours of battery life 

Benefits of SURGE

  • Excellent pain reliever 
  • Boosts muscle recovery
  • Eliminates muscle stiffness
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Works faster than traditional massagers

PROCUSSION has successfully redefined the recovery industry with its innovative percussive therapy and technology-based products. The brand is one of the most sought-after names today among pro athletes, esteemed fitness trainers, and fitness studios.

The brand is currently bustling with thousands of happy customers, including over 300+ athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, MLS, and Olympic Teams around the world. 

For more information, please visit Kickstarter and Youtube

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