Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Hot Tub Industry with Accent Stove & Spa

September 10 21:27 2021
Jacuzzi Group shines a light on its dedicated dealer network.

September 10th, 2021 – Spokane, Washington – As the world has taken stock of what really matters, most notably taking care of each other, the demand for hot tubs has reached new levels. As many spent more time at home, boosting well-being within (and around), led to investment in products and services that can help transform homes into places of healing.

The pandemic taught people worldwide that society could no longer afford to put health and well-being on the backburner. Collectively, it was realized that an investment in home life is an investment in quality of life, and such investments can pay dividends for years to come. The world rediscovered the healing power of nature and creating a place of calm in their own backyards.

Adapting to the “New Normal”

The ability to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer helped society move away from “business as usual” to fully embrace a new business model in a time of crisis. With services like drop-off water testing and curbside pickup, orders over video chat, and telephone consultations, Accent Stove & Spa successfully steered business to safety amid the raging storm.

Strengthening Digital Presence

The pandemic made in-person shopping nearly impossible. That’s why Accent Stove & Spa turned to the digital space to creatively accommodate changes in shopping behavior as consumers brought more of their business online. By revamping the website to reflect the most current product lines and service offerings, and making the most of digital tools, the experts at Accent Stove & Spa managed to ride the waves of uncertainty and keep business afloat.

Putting People First

In the midst of all this, Accent Stove & Spa has made the best of a difficult situation, staying in constant communication with our customers, and being as transparent as possible in order to maintain strong working relationships.

Anticipating Consumer Needs

By necessity, Accent Stove & Spa has become extraordinarily proactive in the face of low inventory levels. They stayed in close contact with Jacuzzi Group dealer support teams and paid close attention to sales trends, allowing them to order the most sought-after models and anticipate consumer demand.

Accent Stove & Spa listened closely to the needs of each person, whether customer, employee or supplier, to meet every need. While there are many things that can divide society in a crisis, hot tubs have a way of bringing people together.

About Accent Stove & Spa

Accent Stove & Spa is a leisure products company specializing in fireplaces, hot tubs and grills. They provide elegant, high-quality products that help people relax, step away from work, come closer to friends and family and enjoy life.

Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality in spa solutions. With 30+ years of experience, they understand the importance of customer service. Both products and services are guaranteed, with one-of-a-kind leisure options tailored to fit each customer’s needs and desires.


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