Avoid Trackers to Attain Online Data Privacy with the Best Free VPN

September 10 12:22 2021

In an internet-dependent society, more and more people are having access to the internet. This technology is ever-evolving as it transforms into faster and more advanced services like digital subscriber lines (DSLs), wi-fis, and mobile data. Plus, internet connection is more accessible as plenty of establishments have set up their free wi-fi connections for the public.

This global movement is just starting. It is feasible that in several years to come, public internet networks would also be available in towns and urban areas. This would be very helpful for the residents there for them to adapt to the societal changes, that is technological advancement.

But of course, there are some cons to this. Since society is accepting this development, it can also be a problem. For example, currently, cases of cybertheft are rampant all over the globe. Most of the time, these hackers go with the online users’ banking or credit information; while some of these cyberthieves steal incriminating media contents and use those to blackmail people.

Trackers can also come in other forms, like internet service providers (ISPs). ISPs can track their subscribers’ data to know their online activities. This way, when they see online traffic on one’s account, they can easily decrease the internet speed.

There are also website and app cookies that can view and record one’s online data. These cookies help brands and companies gather information about the user, such as likes, hobbies, and interests. When they have gathered these, brands will bombard users of related posts so that the user will be tempted to read an article or even purchase a certain product.

All of these seem harmless. But when one looks deeper, it is disturbing to know that these third parties can track every single online activity of any online users. This means that users only have a little to no privacy.

Good news is, it doesn’t have to stay this way. There is a method that users can do to avoid trackers to attain online data privacy that everyone deserves.

Install and connect to a VPN

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN), users are assured of online privacy. What the VPN does is organize a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet. This causes the user’s online data to pass through the VPN tool’s secret virtual tunnel. As a result, users will gain total anonymity. Nobody can view, track, record, and steal a VPN user’s online information and activities.

Although helpful, users must still be vigilant in choosing the right VPN for them as VPNs aren’t created equally. There are some factors to consider like web surfing habits and routine, lifestyle, and even one’s budget. For instance, there are paid VPNs that provide premium VPN services. These VPNs are mostly the top-rated ones and they may come off pricey. So, if one is willing to spare cash, these VPNs are the safest way to go.

For those who don’t want to spend money for a VPN, there are also free VPNs in virtual markets. A piece of advice, users must do their research before downloading one as a number of free VPNs were flagged as sketchy and ineffective.

Fortunately, there is a trusted and reliable free VPN out there.

Choose GoingVPN, the best free VPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN that also gives out premium and high-quality VPN services. Its tight encryption process helps users have an added layer of cybersecurity on their online profiles. Because of this, it’s impossible for third parties like web and app cookies, ISPs, and cyberthieves to view their online information and activities.

This free VPN also has a max-speed technology that counters VPN encryption’s negative effects on devices. Naturally, this process decreases the device speed and performance. But with this feature, users need not worry about lags and buffers while surfing the internet.

Along with these, GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth. Users can now be protected online at any given time. Online users may leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and it’d be alright as GoingVPN’s data doesn’t expire at all.

Enjoy these VPN perks without breaking the bank.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

For more information, just visit GoingVPN’s website.

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