Serial Entrepreneur Neta Talmor is rolling out a 12-Video Course to Help Entrepreneurs Start, Grow, and Manage their Online Business

September 09 18:08 2021
The No Hassle Business Basics video course by Neta Talmor is a compilation of best-kept secrets which she learned in over two decades of entrepreneurial and teaching experience

Online business is one of the most innovative ways to make money in the modern world. But, sadly, building a business online from scratch can be a challenge. First, it is tough not knowing where to start, and worst still, learning the ropes while building from the ground up can be difficult and time-consuming. Figuring out what to do each day can feel like playing a high-stakes game of musical chairs, but Neta Talmor comes to the rescue.

With over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Neta Talmor has created a 12-video course to help entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their online businesses by revealing strategic steps for starting, growing, and managing an online business. Neta Talmor’s “No Hassle Business Basics” video course is packed with every piece of information needed to an online business to get off the ground. The video course is designed for newbies to the world of online businesses and those who have started but could not find their break.

While every business is different, Neta believes that all successful businesses have to follow similar principles. In the course, she details twelve steps every successful online business must implement. Neta explains each of these steps in five minutes in a simple, non-techie language in each video of the 12-video No Hassle Business Basics course. The steps include business models, domain and domain email, hosting, website development, logo and branding, USP, ecommerce, social media, email marketing, freebie, sales funnel, and SEO.

Interestingly, Neta Talmor is offering all of these practical online business lessons from over 20 years of experience for $29. So for as low as $29 and in one hour, entrepreneurs and intending entrepreneurs can glean from the experiences of Neta as she takes them step-by-step through all the crucial elements of building a successful business online.

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About Neta Talmor

Neta Talmor is a serial entrepreneur who has been building websites for over twenty years. As a lifelong entrepreneur, who has never worked for anyone else, Neta learned the long and hard way about what it takes to become a successful business owner and consistently reach her personal and financial goals. Her innovative brand, No Hassle Website, aims to share the experiences she has gained over time while helping entrepreneurs navigate the hassle of starting and growing an online business.

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