List of Most Popular Dog Breeds Published By ClawBuddies

September 09 14:54 2021
The website has published a list of the top 100 dog breeds from around the globe. The top picks are identified by the number of Google keyword searches from a pool of more than 450 breeds.

ClawBuddies and Christian Anderson have compiled a list of the world’s most popular dog breeds. Working from more than 450 identified breeds, the list was narrowed to report and picture just the top 100 canines, based on monthly Google searches. From the information captured on searches, it is apparent that many people are looking for information about specific dogs.  More information about each of the breeds is identified in the comprehensive chart.

The list of the top 100 dog breeds globally is further researched and sorted by various categories. Searchers can view pertinent information on each of the top 100 canines based on dog size, barking amount, shedding tendency, coat size, and the American Kennel Club dog group. Resource material is referenced from the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds and the American Kennel Club. For the top twenty dog searches on the list, the information on the website goes deeper.

The website serves as a great tool to help potential pet owners find a dog that serves specific purposes, such as guard animals, family pets, herding dogs, and more. The summary and pictures attached for the top twenty dogs may help those considering acquisition of a new companion whether a particular breed would be a good fit. For example, dogs that require many exercises may not be the best choice for a person with limited mobility. Similarly, a dog that tends to bark a lot may not be appropriate for a household close to others. 

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Categorizations using the AKC groups can help narrow down choices. Some of the categories include working dogs, hounds, terriers, and others. A brief history of each of the top 20 breeds is provided to identify further whether a specific breed is an appropriate addition to the household. 

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ClawBuddies has compiled and published a list of the world’s top 100 popular dog breeds. The ranking is based on the number of Google searches. Additional details and pictures are available on the top twenty dog breeds.

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