Los Angeles Work Injury Lawyer Helps Community Seek Compensation

September 09 14:42 2021
The CA based Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys Los Angeles is offering their expertise in work injury and construction accident law to the local community. The company fights for their clients to secure the best possible outcome in their work injury cases.

It is no surprise that even the most careful workers in Southern California can fall victim to an unexpected accident. Some of these accidents, such as construction injuries and machinery malfunction, can happen without a moment’s notice, leaving victims with life-long injuries and no way to pay for them.

While most workers in these situations pursue workers’ compensation benefits, they are often uninformed of their right to seek damages from negligent third parties. For instance, on a construction site, injuries that occur due to a defective forklift could result in a lawsuit against the manufacturer or the forklift, but they rarely do. This limits the victims amount of potential compensation to that which they can obtain through workers’ compensation, but, unlike workers’ compensation claims, claims against a third party have the potential to receive much more.

Essentially, many victims are leaving substantial compensation on the table that they will need to fully recover from their injuries.

If a third party is at fault for work injuries, the victim is entitled to seek compensation to help cover lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages. If a person or their loved one is suffering from injuries after an accident, it is important that they quickly secure the best work injury attorney possible to represent them.

The Work Injury Lawyer Los Angeles understands that securing maximum compensation requires compassion for each client and their case, and the wherewithal to do whatever it takes to win. When a victim suffers injuries, there is nothing that can be done to undo the damage, but a lot can be done in a court of law to help ensure the victim’s needs are taken care of for the rest of their life. The work injury claim process is daunting, but, with help from an experienced attorney, the plaintiff can utilize the system to limit future damages to their health and finances, and push companies to take greater precautions to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Work injury claims stem from situations in which victims suffer harm due to workplace accidents and someone else is responsible. Workplace injuries occur on construction sites, dangerous property, and other work sites in which safety precautions aren’t being honored. This can result in harm done to a person’s physical or mental capacities. When a person or company fails to follow the law and workers suffer injuries as a result, those who suffer injuries have the legal right to try and pursue compensation. Whether work injury victims choose to seek financial compensation for these damages by jury verdict or settlement agreement, it is important to put their trust in an experienced work injury attorney to help ensure that they receive the maximum amount that they are entitled to.

In work injury claims, “damage” is a term that is used to describe the financial award plaintiffs receive when their cases conclude. The purpose of “damages” is to attempt to repair, as much as possible, the lives of those who have suffered injuries. If the victim is no longer able to walk, they will need electric wheelchairs and other devices to help accommodate their new limitations. Some of these devices cost tens of thousands of dollars. When a person or company is found to be liable for such damages, they become liable for paying the bills associated with those damages.

The firm has extensive experience assisting work injury victims of all types, and visits clients at the hospital or at home in situations where injuries affect mobility. The firm will handle any injury case from construction accident injuries, forklift injuries, premises liability, and more. More of their services can be found on their Facebook: Construction Accident Attorney Los Angeles. They also assist victims with far more serious injuries, such as brain injuries, paraplegia, or spinal cord issues. The firm is well aware that nothing overwhelms and stresses victims following an accident more than attempting to navigate the legal system on their own. At Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys, the team guides their clients through the legal process and helps make sure what is going on with their case proceedings in order to make informed decisions at every turn.

The firm’s experience and expertise in work injury cases, including construction accident injuries, is due to their many years serving the Los Angeles community. They are committed to assisting those who have fallen victim to harmful negligence by people and companies. The firm’s number one priority is to obtain maximum compensation for each of their clients. They also provide free consultations so that injured victims may have all of their questions answered before proceeding.

To learn more about Greenberg and Ruby Injury Attorneys Los Angeles, visit the firm’s website. Victims can also call or email the firm directly.

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