Legs Your Way with Cult Tanning Favourite Sienna X

September 09 02:12 2021
Get the perfect tan and #LegsYourWay with Sienna X.

The power of a flawless tan is physically and emotionally transformative – most people would agree that glowing skin makes you look and feel at your best. Feeling good empowers you to be confident, and this confidence seeps into every aspect of your life. Nicky Matthews, CEO & Founder of Sienna X, wants to empower all to love your legs – and bodies – your way. 

We caught up with Nicky to get her top tanning tips and to show you how you can be radiant and glowing all year round with Sienna X. What is the best way to apply your tan for an even glow? If you have steered away from false tanning in the past, we understand. Of course, no one wants streaky skin. No matter how long you’ve been tanning, mistakes are inevitable. We’re here to help you prevent this from happening. Nicky suggests applying Sienna X Perfect Tan Primer “to hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. 

When applying Sienna X’s NEW Ultra Dark Self-Tan Mousse, work in an upwards circular motion with your mitt from the feet up, to ensure an even coverage. This way, as you work up the body applying your product, you don’t risk smudging any product that’s already applied.” How do I keep my tan looking fresh all year round? Here’s your ticket to keeping a well-maintained glow all year round; “Use Sienna X Gradual Rose Water every other day. Apply morning or evening, spritzing 10-15cm away over the face and/or body. 

“For a deeper colour, use a few days in a row. Repeat daily to build a deeper, streak-free tan. Day 1: Light to Medium, Day 2: Medium to Deep, Day 3: Deep.” 

How do I keep my skin hydrated and prolong my tan? 

A faux tan loves being hydrated. Sienna X offers Prolong, a tan extending balm which will deeply hydrate the skin and result in a radiant glow; “Keeping your skin hydrated is imperative when maintaining your tan and to prolong your colour. It is recommended that you moisturise your skin daily, using an oil-free moisturiser to avoid stripping the tan.” 

New Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse with Hyaluronic Acid | 200ml 

Skincare meets an ultra dark glow with the Sienna X Ultra Dark Mousse! Perfect for the face & body, infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E & Pomegranate to keep your skin moisturised and radiant. 

  • Beautifully light formula applies to the skin with ease for a streak-free application that penetrates the skin’s layers for a prolonged colour
  • Perfect for those who love a regular deep and glowing tan • Suitable for all skin types and tones – gives olive skin tones a lit-from-within glow

For the ultimate confidence boost, visit our range of self-tans at sienna-x.co.uk and check out our campaign at @siennaxofficial Please contact [email protected] for info, imagery or samples.

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