Business Partners and Lovers, Sophia Weston, And Cortez Hollis to Have the Most Glamorous Wedding of The Season

September 08 20:40 2021
Founders of Protein Water, Sophia Weston, and Cortez Hollis, announce plans to stage the best wedding of the year after the best surprise proposal of 2021

Love is a beautiful thing and when you find a friend in a lover, it becomes a bond so solid that difficult waters cannot break. This can be said to be the case of the founders of Protein Water, Sophia Weston, and Cortez Hollis.

Before kicking off a romantic relationship, the duo had been friends for some years. Starting to gravitate towards each other as love would have it, they both discovered that they shared the same passion and values. Their shared values are the foundation of their inspirations. Sophia and Cortez have many ventures, one of them being their company they share together. The Best Tasting Protein Sports drink company in the world, Protein Water.

This sparked up feelings and they decided to ride together and see where it goes. Happily, it led them right where couple desires to be, a commitment to forever. The business owners are doing more than talking, finishing up goals they have personally, and together with the support of one another and advisors. The now fiancés will plan the most glamorous wedding of the year once goals are crushed, talk about support and partnership.

Sophia and Cortez are truly made for one another. They’ve replaced their social medias with books, giving, travel around the world, turning vegan; largely due to Sophia’s love of animals, business; connecting with investors across the United States for their vision in Protein Water. Sophia and Cortez are also in therapy individually, they’ve concluded it is one of the many gateways to acknowledging no one is above needing help.

Even before taking their vows, they have stayed true through difficult challenges and this has strengthened their bond.

Cortez asked Sophia’s amazing parents, James Weston and Naomi Weston for their blessings as well as Sophia’s lovely sister and brother, Olivia Weston and Isaiah Weston. To his surprise the love, the support was truly heartfelt and left him in tears of joy and thankfulness.

As a romantic, Cortez wanted to make the proposal extra special and he did the most. Sophia was made to believe that they were attending a business gala and she got dolled up in her Sunday best. The surprise turned out to be delightful as Cortez sweetly proposed to Sophia at the London House, downtown Chicago in the presence of family and friends who flew in to be a part of the best day of their lives thus far. 

A live singer was present to create a soulful ambiance during the beautiful event. The joyful tears, laughter, hugs, and kisses were captured by one of Chicago’s best videographers and photographers. Living in the beautiful moment and envisioning a more amazing future, Sophia Weston said YES to forever.

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