WhatsKonnekt launches an easy-to-use WhatsApp Customer Support Tool with integrated Chatbot

September 07 13:45 2021
The WhatsKonnekt Customer Support Tool now allows companies to offer support to their users via WhatsApp. An integrated chatbot also allows for instant answers to be sent to the customer.

WhatsKonnekt has launched an easy-to-use WhatsApp chatbot that enables businesses to provide customer support more efficiently via WhatsApp, the world’s most used app. 

“What can be more convenient for a customer than to get support via their most-used app, namely WhatsApp? Who wants to spend time holding on to speak to a support agent if you could simply just be sending a message via WhatsApp? This is where WhatsKonnekt comes into the picture,” says Eduard Marais, co-founder of WhatsKonnekt. 

When a customer messages the support number, an instant reply is sent by the chatbot with a menu of available options. In the meantime the support agents can also answer the customer’s query. So there is a chatbot as well as humans that can answer customer queries. 

The chatbot’s auto replies can contain documents, images and videos. For example a customer may ask for instructions on how to operate a gadget and the chatbot can automatically send a video or PDF manual.

In today’s competitive world and the rise of social media, businesses can no longer afford to give poor customer service. Offering support over WhatsApp encourages engagement and improves customer loyalty.

With WhatsKonnekt, support staff don’t need to use their own cell phone numbers (or even a cellphone), and they can work from various locations using the same WhatsApp number.  

Chats are visible in one central portal, and a record is kept of all conversations. 

WhatsKonnekt is free to try, and the Chatbot is already pre populated with a few questions. To amend or add questions is child’s play.

Businesses can choose various subscription plans starting at $19/month. An API is also available if a business wants to send and receive WhatsApp messages from their own system through the WhatsKonnekt platform.

Those on the lookout for an easy-to-use WhatsApp Customer Service Tool and ChatBot can learn more about WhatsKonnekt by visiting its website. A Free trial is available, and no credit card is required to try the software. 

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