E-Pal fast rising as go-to social companionship platform for online gamers, also offering job opportunities

September 07 00:48 2021
E-Pal offers a dedicated personalized social companionship service platform where gamers can make friends for gaming as well as lifestyle services and also earn money through providing related services.

Irvine, California – September 06, 2021 – Online gamers having a hard time finding like-minded buddies need not look further. A rising social companionship service platform, E-Pal, is helping gamers to meet and connect with ideal gamer friends, as per their exact personal specifications. The platform is also the first portal in the Metaverse to enable gamers to earn money through providing a variety of services, like coaching, mentoring, offering live streams etc. 

E-Pal is currently bustling with a whopping number of 1,000,000 users or E-Pals. 

“E-Pal is driven by the mission to create a warm, social, and friendly community for gamers in the Metaverse. We have come up with an authentic and personalized social companionship service platform where our members can get carried both in-game and in life here by real people. Our platform provides real-person Interactive entertainment across hundreds of games as well as other interesting personalized social interactions. We are dedicated to creating real and unique experiences where our members will have the opportunity to interact with a bunch of amazing kindred souls”, stated Eunice, the leading spokesperson from E-Pal. 

“We are also the only Metaverse platform to offer great job opportunities for gamers that allow them to get paid by playing games and offering coaching on the virtual portal. We believe this initiative will become the tipping point for passionate gamers to leave their mundane jobs and start working in the Metaverse- the ideal place where they can make the best of their gaming skills and experience.” 

E-Pal is packed with several intelligent features to create an optimum experience for the members. 

One of the major features of the platform is Teammate Finder. The feature is especially designed to help members find compatible gaming teams and teammates, as per their personalized needs, persona, and preferences. Users can use the player finder to search for suitable player-friends for specific games to play with. Otherwise, they can also look out for coaches to mentor them for specific advanced games. E-Pal is bustling with more than 100 popular online website games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and so on.  

Another interesting feature of E-Pal is Game Creator. This feature encourages members to become game creators in game communities by creating and sharing their unique winning gaming strategies. Popular game creators will be rewarded with official awards. They would also have the opportunity to leverage their popularity to catapult themselves as influencers, thereby attracting new gamers and more followers.  

Interestingly, E-Pal is not about finding friends for gaming only – rather the platform is dedicated to help members find true friends who would be by their side in other aspects of life as well. Added to gaming, the platform also offers a bunch of lifestyle services through E-Pals, such as voice chat online, movie-time online, sleep calls, wake-up calls, emotional support, relationship advice, and so on. 

For more information, please visit https://www.epal.gg

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