Blockchain platform SafeBLAST ushers in new wave in crypto world with advanced Utility and Deflationary technology

September 07 00:36 2021
SafeBLAST (BLAST) is a cutting-edge deflationary token project that comes with features that are not available with many other traditional deflationary token platforms.

Poinciana, FL – September 06, 2021 – A new crypto platform is making waves in the contemporary crypto scene with state-of-the-art Utility and Deflationary technology-based design. SafeBLAST, as it is called, is backed by an Autonomous yield and Liquidity generation protocol. 

The native token of SafeBLAST is BLAST.  SafeBLAST has been launched with a maximum supply of one quadrillion tokens, akin to other major deflationary token projects. But, what keeps SafeBLAST ahead of the curve is that  over 81% of the maximum supply has been burned and removed from circulation forever. Another major factor that differentiates SafeBlast from other deflationary token projects is that it had a Fair launch, without the traditional protocols of ICO, Presale or Donation.

Based on Binance Smart Chain network, BLAST is both a Utility and Deflationary token. As a utility token, BLAST can be used for online purchases, vending machines as well as physical retail store purchases. 

As a deflationary token, BLAST operates following the cutting-edge protocol of Autonomous Yield and Liquidity Generation. In that regard, every time someone buys or sells the token, the total supply plummets down. And, every transaction made here leads to the generation of passive effortless reward for all token holders on the Chain. Limited supply of the token also generates liquidity automatically to support the floor price.

In an exclusive interview, the spokesperson from SafeBlast shared that the platform works through three functions – Redistribution, LP acquisition, and Burn. 

“SafeBLAST operates by taking a 10 percent fee in every transaction. It is divided into two sections – Rewards and Liquidity. The Rewards is a 5 percent transaction fee that is distributed to every wallet holding SafeBLAST on a percentage basis. The other 5% is again split into 1:1 ratio. One part of the split is automatically sold by the smart contract into BNB and the other half goes into SafeBlast tokens. The BLAST and BNB tokens are then automatically combined and registered as liquidity pair on Pancakeswap pool,” stated the spokesperson.

Per his statements, the Reward and Liquidity functions are designed to work together to punish dumpers and reward holders.  

“At SafeBlast, we are geared to create a rewarding environment for the holders. The LP generation function works to keep the market liquid which catapults it into a reliable risk mitigation tool. It also helps to assure a balanced structure in the liquidity pool that eventually keeps the floor price balanced.”

While asked about the SafeBLAST Smart Contract, the spokesperson assured a non-penetrable infrastructure, which has been publicly audited. The platform also operates on a fully Renounced Smart Contract, which cannot be manipulated or tampered with in any form. This ensures no additional token will be created or minted ever.

“We have audited the Smart Contract publicly to ensure optimum security.”

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