A Tell-All by catchmeister: Five Basic Hacks Every Angler Should Know

September 06 20:59 2021
Fishing is a lot more fun with the right technique and tools.

Any experienced fisherman knows that catching fish is a lot more “scientific” than most people perceive it to be. Different types of baits and techniques for luring fish depend on many factors such as the kind of fish, body of water, and depth of water, to name a few. When done right, fishing experts at catchmeister say, fishing could be fun! Here’s a tell-all of hacks that every angler should know.

Don’t Spook the Fish

Fish will not swim in areas where they know there will be fishermen. Positioning the boat’s bow as near as possible to the submerged area will ensure that fish will not be spooked by any human presence.

Almost Like the Real Thing

It is always best to lure fish using bait that imitates their source food. However, most fish baits hardly resemble what’s natural in the fishing habitat. To attract fish, baits should look almost like the real thing, those natural-looking swimming actions can lure fish.

Outperform with Crankbaits

Crankbaits have been increasingly popular because they were built to imitate the swimming action of bait fish. They vary depending on the depth of water, which is a major factor when choosing which type to use. The bigger the lips of the crankbait, the deeper the water. Catchmeister’s lure kits include a variety of crankbaits to choose from.

Go Big or Go Texas

Artificial is not all that bad. The most popular way for using plastic baits is called Texas rig, a popular technique among anglers. Originally, Texas rigging involved setting the plastic worm lure into a hook with the point of the hook pinned back into the body in such a way that makes it snag free or weedless. A bullet weight was used most times on the line ahead of the hook. Today, it mostly means the weedless method of putting bait on the hook whether it involves weights or not.

Hooking Up

Technique will only get a fisherman so far. In many cases, fishing tools matter just as much. A proper hookset should be used depending on the situation. The quality of the hook should always be considered. Dull hooks are a no-no, so make sure that they are sharp. Make sure the hook point does not go through the lure’s body. Most of catchmeister’s fishing kits have at least two hooks perfect for fishing in any expedition.

Fishing is a lot more fun with the right technique and tools.

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