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September 06 13:39 2021
Modern-day mommy blog focused on empowering mothers of all different backgrounds to live a life that is whole.

The image of motherhood has vastly fluctuated over the course of history and often been misunderstood. We are now living in a busy, tech-driven, workaholic age in which women are pressured to have it all together- to raise children in a healthy environment while having a successful career. Today’s mom is by and large, overwhelmed, tired, stressed, and generally unhappy. Wholly Mothers is a modern-day mommy blog that is looking to change this narrative. With a focus on empowering mothers, our blog sets out to encourage moms of all different backgrounds to live wholly, while navigating through faith, family, finances, and fitness.

All mothers would agree that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the whole world. Moms work tirelessly to raise their children and to keep a house running smoothly. It is easy to get lost in the chaos and more often than not, mothers live in survival mode, neglecting their own well-being.

The physical demands of motherhood is one thing, but the fear and the vulnerability a mother feels when she thinks about her precious children (who mean more to her than her own life) is what makes this thing called motherhood not for the faint of heart.

Yet somehow and some way, a mother continues to give and give again. Through constant tantrums and rebellion, she comforts her children with weary hands. Through the fevers and runny noses, she heals her children while bearing a broken heart. And even after an exhausting day of tending to her kids, she winds down at night by marveling at their baby photos.

Every mom deserves a healthy community dedicated to encouraging her during this challenging yet beautiful season in life. Wholly Mothers is here to offer prayer, guidance, resources, information, and so much more in order that mothers can feel supported, heard, seen, and understood in their motherhood journey.

From information on how to navigate post-partum life to recommendations on what products moms should use when nursing a child, this blog has got it covered. Wholly Mothers also offers a wide range of fitness tips, healthy recipes, and self-care advice that anybody can enjoy!

There’s a reason why studies show that the word “mother” is the most beautiful word in the English language. It’s a word that encompasses so many different heartfelt meanings and evokes profound emotions. Moms are the backbone of our society. Wholly Mothers exists to remind every mom that she can be vulnerable but strong, busy yet free, imperfect but redeemed, and broken but WHOLE.

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