How Leia’s Lume Pad converts 2D images and videos to 3D

September 06 13:33 2021
Latest Nanotechnology and AI from Silicon Valley lets you experience all of YouTube, Facebook or Twitch in immersive glasses-free 3D from an Android Tablet.

There’s an easy way to breathe 3D life into countless 2D digital images. There’s a device that converts YouTube video on-the-fly into 3D that literally pops from the screen. It’s all done with a tablet – Leia’s Lume Pad.

Created in Silicon Valley labs, the Lume Pad boasts an immersive 3D Lightfield panel. It runs all the usual Android apps one expects. However, when activated, the screen transforms into something never before seen on a tablet – eyeglass-free 3D viewing. It does it all by marrying groundbreaking nanotechnology and AI, working behind the screens.

While games and apps are built to take full advantage of the 3D effect, the real joy here is seeing how it works with infinite content that already exists. From traditional 2D family photos to classic artwork found online, a built-in app renders anything selected into 3D. The Lume Pad does all the work in the background at the touch of a button. From there, adding style filters or altering the depth effects is as simple as adjusting sliders.The most surprising effect, though, comes from another app in the Lume Pad’s app suite: LeiaTube. Put simply, if there’s a way to share a link for social video content, the Lume Pad’s on-board AI converts traditional 2D video – while it’s streaming – into amazing 3D. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or some other social video sharing site, it just works.

Imagine concerts popping off-screen. Watching streamers or esports take on new life and in new dimensions. 3D effects get added to content that’s never been seen this way before (and, honestly, it’s hard going back after knowing what LeiaTube can do). It’s all possible with Leia’s Lume Pad.

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