Mitch Jackson aka “The Streaming Lawyer” Shares The Power of Social Audio and Live Video

September 06 13:27 2021
Create a top-of-mind awareness using a smartphone!

There’s no better way to build a brand and get new clients than to use social audio and live video. These are two of the most important and powerful ways to market a law firm and build a powerful and memorable brand.

There are many benefits of using social audio and live video platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Twitter Live, Linkedin Live, Facebook Live, Amazon Live, and Instagram Live for marketing and relationship-building purposes.

One of the main reasons is that it’s an easy way to share a human side to being a lawyer. Being more likeable and approachable are key to building this kind of brand. Using voice and live video allow lawyers and other professionals to show a personality that the consumer may not otherwise see. Social audio and live video offer surprisingly intimate experiences and allow people to feel connected on a personal level which can lead to new business opportunities.

Social audio and live video are quick, easy, and fast. What is already in your hand, a smartphone, is all that’s needed to go live, answer questions or have a conversation.

While social audio is excellent, live video takes things to the next level. Creating a weekly talk show or sharing your commentary on breaking news stories is a powerful way to get noticed and create a top-of-mind brand. There’s something special about an audience being able to look a professional in the digital eyeballs. That’s exactly what live video allows a professional to do.

Using social audio and live video and adding a legal slant to breaking or trending news stories is exactly how Mitch ended up on stage at the Tony Robbins Business Mastery event and present to thousands in the audience. The opportunities that can be created with social audio and live video can help any professional propel a brand from local to global and create new business opportunities.

Social audio and live video are two of the best inexpensive ways attorneys and other professionals can add value and stand out above all the noise. Get more resources and ideas at

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