Charleston Engagement Rings’ Lab-Created Diamonds Create a Responsible Future for Diamond Purchases

September 06 13:03 2021
The Charleston, SC-based fine jewelry business saves customers 50% off of jewelry store prices.

Charleston Engagement Rings supports the more affordable and ethical sales of diamond rings and other fine jewelry. They sell lab-created diamonds that have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. This alternative, however, comes with a much less expensive price and zero human rights violations.

The brand only uses lab-grown diamonds (not moissanite nor cubic zirconia) in its engagement rings because they are completely ethical compared with natural diamonds, which can be stained by conflict or other unethical origins. They are also around half the price of most diamond rings in the market and have a more eco-friendly production process.

“We help people save so much by giving them another option. Many people don’t know that lab-grown diamonds even exist and can get them mixed up with moissanite or other stones that look similar to diamonds. Man-made diamonds are the same as a mined diamond in every way (chemically, physically and optically) except their origin,” shared Matt and Savannah, founders.

Couples that choose Charleston Engagement Rings for their engagement and wedding rings are surprised about its straightforward buying process and its readiness to help them stay within their investment range. The staff is easy-going and genuinely cares about the customers and their stories; the couples they serve love working with them and come back for wedding bands, gifts and anniversaries.

Matt and Savannah, the founders of Charleston Engagement Rings, are a husband-and-wife team. They have an incredible dynamic, working together in their fine jewelry business. Savannah is the creative who has a great sense of humor, while Matt is the human calculator who geeks out with numbers and processes. The two were married in 2018, and they share a passion for serving others and pursuing Jesus. They also partner with local organizations to prevent sex trafficking.

The couple decided to start their jewelry business because they loved being around and a part of exciting moments in their customers’ relationship journey. They have expressed that God has given them a deep passion to encourage couples and celebrate them through one of the best seasons of their lives.

All the lab-grown diamonds in Charleston Engagement Rings are IGI-certified (the largest certifying institution in the world for lab-grown diamonds). They can design custom rings for customers in as little as seven to ten days, unlike most jewelry stores’ processing time of four to eight weeks.

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