Kyngsacademy Offers Programs to Master African Languages in 3 Months

September 03 19:38 2021

Kyngsacademy, a subsidiary of Kyngsam academy, offers revolutionary programs that provide a step-by-step guide, video tutorials, and practical guides to master the African language, even if one doesn’t know a single word! Currently, Kyngsacademy is offering live language courses in Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, which are also the major indigenous languages of Nigeria, and Kiswahili, which belongs to the people of Kenya, Tanzania and so on.

Kyngsacademy is perfect for people who want to learn African languages to advance their career, connect with more people or learn about a new culture. Kyngsacademy provides all the necessary tools that will help someone learn and speak the language fluently. The programs include one-on-one live classes with the best tutors and access to self-teaching aids like Mp3 and pdf files in the language one prefers out of the available seventeen African languages.

Kyngsacademy was founded by Sam Kyng, who’s a project manager working in the construction industry in the UK. When he realized that his children and those born abroad cannot speak native African languages, he decided to start Kyngsacademy. He started this academy with the mission to preserve the rich heritage and culture of Africa. 

“It’s my mission to revive the glorious African culture that we have accumulated over thousands of years. This is the reason it is purely African language. I call on every African who has a heritage to preserve to join me and other tutors from across the globe”, said Sam Kyng. 

The Kyngs Academy method tab includes: 

  • One-on-one live class with best tutors, and 

  • Membership, with access to self-teaching aids (Mp3 and pdf files) in a language of choice

Kyngsacademy’s teaching method is based on a proven, immersive technique that can be customized to suit individual needs and will instill the necessary confidence and skills that are required to speak like a native. The program offers one the flexibility to learn online, in-person, from an instructor, or using self-study methods. The curriculum combines language learning and cultural understanding to provide the experience of living in a new country and make the education process comprehensive. 

Kyngsacademy teaches African languages effectively in just 3 months. Visit the website to know more about their offerings.  The academy is open to teaching other Nigerian languages on request.

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