Dr Rick Mars talks about Teeth Grinding and Broken Teeth from Stress

September 03 23:24 2021
Tips to address teeth grinding and broken teeth from stress.

This past year has understandably been stressful for everyone due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Stress eventually takes its toll on the human body. The most obvious symptoms of stress that many people have experienced during the pandemic are headaches, low energy, insomnia, nausea, and heart palpitations. The use of masks and face shields to reduce the spread of Covid-19 has made it hard to detect some of the most seen problems during the pandemic: Teeth grinding and broken teeth from stress.

What is Teeth Grinding?

The technical term for teeth grinding or jaw clenching is bruxism. It connotes the unknowing grinding, gnashing, or clenching of one’s teeth. The majority of people who grind their teeth are unaware that they are doing so as most people grind their teeth while asleep. There is a direct correlation between broken teeth and teeth grinding as grinding produces additional tension on teeth that teeth are designed to withstand.

Teeth grinding and broken teeth from stress

People have attempted to understand what leads them to grind their teeth and break or fracture them. From “Coronaphobia” to “Covid-19-induced nightmares” to “doomsurfing”, these words all describe the anxiety many have faced as a result of the pandemic. Numerous dentists have attested to the fact that they have seen more patients with fractured teeth during the pandemic than ever before which indicates that while stress takes its toll on people, most of them take it out on their dentition.

With more vaccinations, there is hope that Covid-19 cases decrease. This means, on a positive note, masks are coming off! Perhaps, when people examine their teeth now, they notice that they all look remarkably similar because they have been ground down or broken. Not to worry, dentists have solutions and here are a few tips that can help.

Tips to address teeth grinding from stress

1. Awareness:The first tip to address teeth grinding and broken teeth is awareness. Many people would bet their life that they do not grind their teeth, but they do. Do not be one of them. For example, people don’t know that except when eating or chewing, their teeth shouldn’t touch all day.

2. Visit a dentist:Dentists at the Dental Care Group are skilled healthcare professionals that know all aspects of dental health and are best suited to address teeth grinding and broken teeth questions and or concerns. Please use the internet to gather information, but not as a replacement for visiting the dentist.

3. Correct your posture:Sometimes, working from home can result in teeth grinding and broken teeth. When people work from home, they are at liberty to assume any sitting position that they desire. This could easily affect them and result in grinding and or breaking their teeth during the night.

4. Consult the dentist about a bruxism (grinding) appliance or an Invisalign retainer to keep teeth in place and minimize the damage from grinding.

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